Monday, December 21, 2009

VMV Hypoallergenics

Who says that Filipino products cannot compete with world class products?!? They might not met VMV Hypoallergenics. A skincare line made by a Filipino dermatologist, Dr. Vermen M. Verallo-Rowell. It's been in the industry for two decades now. This brand has been raved by a lot of Hollywood stars like Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Garner. It is recognized internationally :)

There are two products that I have tried in this brand. They are the Id Sweat Acne and Overall Antibacterial Monolaurin Gel and Id Soap with Apricot and Salicylic Acid. First stop is the Monolaurin Gel.

I run out of my Skin Food Tea Tree essence. I also thought to stop using the essence since I finished up three bottles of it already. I need to change my essence/moisturizer since it doesn't anymore working well on me :( Good thing Kay had a blog sale on some stuff she doesn't necessary need. One of stuff that were on sale was this Monolaurin Gel. I did some research regarding this product before I bought it. There were a lot of positive reviews on this product. 


This unique, skin-safe, coconut-derived monoglyceride is superbly simple, but packs one powerhouse of a skin-protective and therapeutic punch. Treats the fungus that causes sweat acne, and is an impressive overall, broad-spectrum, topical anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-yeast, antifungal, and anti-protozoal treatment.


Active Ingredients: Glyceryl Laurate - 2%

Other Ingredients: Alcohol, Water, Glycerin, Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer, Triethanolamine, Citric Acid.

My say:

Performance: 4/5 stars
Package: 3/5
Price: 5/5

I did love this product. It does help in calming and soothing my irritated skin. It also helps in healing and drying my pimples. It really does work! Even though alcohol is  in the ingredient, it is not drying to the skin and no break out for me at all :) My only problem with this is that it really does smell of alcohol. I wish the package comes in a pump-type bottle. It can really be messy sometimes and you can't control the amount coming out of the bottle. The price is reasonable enough for me. I got it on a steal price for Php 250 but the original price is less than Php 600. This is way cheaper compare to the price online (US) :) I'm not yet planning to buy one soon since I have bought lately the Skin Food Tea Tree essence. Probably after I finish the essence than I buy this again. After all, I don't stick on one product since it won't work on me forever. Changes is always happening in my skin care :)

(photo taken at

I was hunting for a soap that can help minimize some issues on my body like back acne, chicken skin and the likes. Good thing I met Id Soap. It's an anti-acne, anti-inflammatory and exfoliating soap to reveal a smooth and clear skin :)


Skin-Buffing, Clarifying Soap


Ingredients: Coconut Oil, D.I. Water, Castor Oil, Palm Oil, Pure sodium Hydroxide, Cocodiethanolamide, Mineral Oil, Glycerin, 2-Hydrobenzoic Acid (Salicylic Acid), Titanium Dioxide, EDTA, Apricot Kernels.

My say:

Performance: 4/5 stars
Package: 5/5
Price: 3/5

I also got this soap on a steal price. 50% off on the original price of Php 300 via ebay. This soap is indeed expensive but way cheaper compare to it's online (US) price. I like this soap though since it dries up my back acne. And I love to use it as my shaving cream. It really does help in minimizing the hair growth in my legs and no small red bumps at all :) I used to use regular soap in shaving my legs and the next day the hair will grow right away and there were red bumps all over my legs. My legs then become really itchy. Unlike with these soap, no itchy feeling and no red bumps at all! The soap easily melts so it's better to cut the soap in half  and use it  half-at-a-time. I also love the package. It really packed like a ready-to-give gift. So cute! I would love to buy this again but the price is keeping me away from it (hahaha!). I'll just have to wait for sales then :)

I hope you could also try these wonderful products. I hope it will also works on you :)

take care guys!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Skin Food Haul...

Finally the package has arrived :) I've been waiting for it like forever?!? (lol!) It's my Skin Food purchased all the way from Korea thanks to Ate Betchay of Buhay sa Korea.

 Skin Food stuffs :)

 The package...
It was address to my sister since she's the one who contacted Ate Betchay for it :)

These are some cute stuffs we got from her... Aren't they cute?!? :) 
Of course those phones are not included :)

I'm so happy when the package arrived. I already run out of my essence and there are some great stuffs to try (grins). I was also excited for the mini Skin Food Diary. They are really cute and what's best of all it's not in plain Korean language but English! If you want to learn about this Skin Food diary, check out Ate Betchay's blog about this.

So much party for me this week. Whew!
Enjoy your weekend guys :)

Take care!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Review: Elianto Honey Cleansing Oil

Weekend just seem to pass by. The last thing I know I have to hurry to make it to our Monday/Weekly Flag Ceremony. This is the life of a government employee on a Monday ;) I really did not have a complete rest last weekend. I was out the whole two days. I even went to the office to do some overtimes :( But they are now just past and I have to move on :) (positive!) Anyways what better to do on a Monday is to review a product that I'm completely done with. What is this product? Did I like it? Will I buy it again? Without any further ado, let me introduce you to my cleansing oil for almost 6 months, Elianto Honey Cleansing Oil.

This is my first ever cleansing oil. I've never used cleansing oil before. Facial wash cleanser was enough for me. I thought this was for dry skin since it's an oil-based cleanser and my skin is oily. I was just laughing at it. Oil for an oily skin?!? No way! I was that naive then. One day out of clicking and clicking and clicking my mouse, I got to a site about cleansing oil. And boom! I got hooked up:)

Elianto Honey Cleansing Oil is a rinse-off oil-based cleanser especially formulated for quick and easy removal of long wearing makeup, clear skin impurities and clogged pores while maintaining skin's moisture and smoothness. This is for combination and oily skin. 

My say:
Performance: 4/5 stars
Package: 4/5
Price: 5/5

Yes, I've been using this for almost 6 months. I did like this cleanser. It is a decent make-up remover. It did not sting my eyes and no breakouts:) Well, there were times I broke out but I didn't blame this cleanser because it was plainly hormonal issue. My only problem with this is that there is an oily feeling after using it that you still need to use a facial wash after it. Well, it is written on the package also that you need to use a facial cleanser after using it. So this means, double-cleansing. The packaging was good but you need an extra bottle if you need to bring this along with you. This seems to be the problem with cleansing oil. They are not made for you to bring along :( This is way cheaper than Shu Uemura. I think I bought this at around Php500 with discount (on sale at that time, I just can't really remember the exact price). The question now: will i buy it again? Maybe. I just bought a new cleansing oil and it's Kose Softymo Speedy Cleansing Oil. I'll give my review on this cleansing oil soon. :)

Take care:)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Movie time: 2012 and New Moon

The weekend was a short vacation for me. I have a four-day rest thanks to the long weekend holiday :) I was at home and got lots of sleep and rest from a very tiring week. I went shopping and watch finally New Moon :)  But first is my long overdue review on 2012.

I watched this film after the Pacquiao-Cotto fight. From Megamall, we went to Gateway just to watch this film. I know we could watch it at Megamall but we opted to a better cinema and I prefer Gateway cinema :) 2012 is a disaster film. It reminds me of Deep Impact, The Day After Tomorrow, Armageddon and among other disaster films. The story is based on the Mayan calendar where a transformative event will occur on or around December 21, 2012. So it's like the end of the world.
Popcorn: 5/5 popcorns

The film was really great. This is better watch on HD theaters or simply 2D :) I don't believe that it would be the end of the world on 2012. I still believe that there is still more to come in our lives. I don't think a tragic event as huge as this would occur soon. But we are heading to it if nothing would be change on our environment in terms of climate change. 

This is one of the films I've been waiting for this year. Yes, I love the Twilight series. Though I'm not done reading the entire series due to work but I'm almost done with it :) (hopefully this holiday break I'll be able to finish it all up) New Moon was my hatest least favorite of the series. I read the book for 3-4 months before I finished it up. It was so dragging that I always got bored reading it. I only like the part when Alice return to Forks. I was able to finish reading the book in a day then (thanks to Edward and Alice lol!) Yes I love the Cullens ;) They made me appreciate vampires. I was happy how the movie turn out. Yes it was mainly because of those beautiful abs of the wolves. Ooohhh they were really sexy but I'm still loyal to Edward (bleh:p)

Popcorn: 5/5 popcorns

I love Twilight! I can't wait for Eclipse next year. Thank God the film wasn't dragging unlike the book. I was afraid that it would turn out like that. Good thing it didn't :)

I know a lot of you have watched already this films. Did you like it? I did :)

Take care!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Review: Alba Passion Nectar Lip Balm

Ever wanted that Angelina lips?!? Or at least a kissable lips?!? Well, I do! I bet it's on every girl's wish list to have that irresistible lips :) This is one of the reason I've been searching far and wide to look for the best lip care. I don't have an Angie lips but my lips are full enough :) But it lacks moisture and ends up being dry :( I prefer lipgloss over lipstick. My lips looks moisturize compare with using lipstick. But there were some days that I just want my lips free from these stuff and just want my natural lip color. This is the time that I grabbed my lip balm. I have used a lot of lip balms. None of them gave me a lasting impression :( What about this Alba Passion Fruit Nectar Lip Balm (whew!)? Does this made my HG then?

I bought this at Market, Market for less than Php200. It's made up of 82% certified organic ingredients. I consider this as an organic lip balm. And what's even good about this product is it wasn't tested on animals! Definitely an animal-friendly product :) I've been using this product for four (4) good months now. And I'm sad to say that it wasn't working well on me lately. I don't know what happened to it. When I started using it, my lips loves it! It really does moisturize my lips and no more dry, chapped lips. But lately I've been experiencing dry lips again :( This is the only lip product I've been using for the past four months. I have to wear this all the time to stopped my lips from drying. It's like after I drink I have to apply again! Urgh! This wasn't the case in the early months I'm uisng it. Even if I drink, my lips stayed moisturize. What happened to you Alba?!? I would love to call you my HG but then you're not keeping it up :( huhuhu

Price: 4/5 stars
Performance: 3.5/5 stars
Packaging: 4/5 stars

I like the packaging but my only problem is the cap can be tight that it's difficult to open it. There was a time the cap when flying out and ended up under the bed. I have to kneel down and search under my bed for the cap :( (hassle!) Overall, it wasn't the lip balm for me.This is good for those lips that do not dry all the time. When you just need a little moisture, you gotta have this. I just have to hold on to it first as I'm still looking for my next lip balm adventure :)

Take care guys :)

Monday, November 16, 2009

The King in the Ring

What a massive day it was! Every Filipino were on celebration mood yesterday. The number 1 Pound-to-Pound Boxer has once again proved to the whole world that he is the King in the Ring. Manny "Pacman" Pacquaio is the King after beating Miguel Cotto in the 12th round by TKO (technical knockout) . He is the new WBO Welterweight Champion at the same time it was his seventh belt. Thus, making him the first boxer to win seven titles in seven different weight divisions. Wow! What an achievement :)

I was privileged enough to watch the match Live! over at SM Cinema thanks to my ever generous sister ;) The main match started at around 11am. We got at the cinema at around 9:30 am. There were three matches before the main event. I just slept the whole time and asked my sister to wake me up if it is Pacquaio's fight already (hehehe). I'm not a boxing fanatic. There were only few boxing matches I watched. It is not a fun sport for me. But if it is Pacman fighting, it's another story. I remember in the cinema every time Pacman was shown everyone were cheering out. I felt the excitement inside the cinema. Everytime Pacman hits Cotto everybody cheer out with a "Yes!". If Pacman got cornered everyone would shout "Get out!". When he got hit by Cotto, it seems that everyone can feel the pain (lol!). Then when Cotto fell everyone where screaming with joy. Cotto fell twice and he was really hit hard by Pacman. His face was swollen and bleeding but he never gave up until the referee stopped the match.

The match was entertaining enough but it still lacks excitement. Cotto came out strong in the first two-three rounds. But Pacman was able to control the match until the end. I really hope for a KO as a result. I believed that Pacman can knockout Cotto especially in the last few rounds. Cotto was just dancing around the ring and he really looks in pain. He wasn't anymore going inside the ring to fight rather he's letting Pacman catch him. I know it's his strategy but hey dude you're a boxer. Why can't you fight like a real boxer facing his opponent in the center of the ring?!? Even Pacman got disappointed at him for dancing around the court. Everybody were laughing everytime he does it. He was wasting the time. But at least we got to learn a new move called The Cotto Dance! (lol!)

Again, the Filipino's pride once again unite us all Filipino. We were all in one in supporting and cheering him throughout his match. If only we could be like this everyday, our country will never be the same.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Movietime: Patient X

I've never been a fan of horror films. I hate watching one unless there is just a sudden urge in me to watch (weird me!). The last horror film I watched was Shake, Rattle and Roll last year. I think it was the 10th installment of the popular Filipino horror series. Since it was Halloween Day so it is best to scare yourself (lol!). I did not watch it by myself of course, I have my siblings with me :)

Patient X is a Filipino horror film directed by the internationally-acclaimed Director Yam Laranas and starred Richard Gutierrez and Cristine Reyes. The film tackles on Aswang which is a local version for vampire.

The story is about a boy whose family was murdered by Aswang. Back then he has no idea who killed his family until a childhood friend contacted him that they were able to capture the murderer. This friend of him is the Chief of the police in his hometown and whose family was also a victim. He returns back to his hometown to face this murderer only to find out that it was his old friend (Cristine). There he found out the truth and his murderers are now a threat to the entire town.

Popcorn: 3.5/5 popcorns

My say:

I wasn't happy about the film. It was scary indeed but the story didn't convince me. It was a pretty plain story for me. There was no excitement on the story nor you'll feel scared but the actions and sound will do. The film made me compare with Laranas another film which also starred Richard Gutierrez, Sigaw (Echo, hollywood version). I really like that film. Overall, it was scary but the story wasn't convincing.

I heard that the film will be shown internationally on the Sundance Film Festival. Wow! I wish them still the best after all they will represent our country :)

Take care guys :)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bloggers' Giveaways!

Two bloggers are giving away some great stuff. Just simply check the pictures below to know what these great stuffs are :)

Aren't they great?!? What are you waiting for?!? Join!

Take care!

Monday, October 26, 2009

A Hero for the Kids

Do you know Efren Peñaflorida? Personally, I don't! I've never met him in my entire life. But I got to know him in a simple way through a link that my friend sent to me.

He is an advocater; a believer; and a teacher! He was one of the founder of the Dynamic Teen Company, a group of concerned young people with a mission of making a small yet significant difference in other people’s lives, particularly the small children in slum areas who have no access to education, basic hygiene and sometimes, even love from their families. They do community service and reach out to kids who are walking on the wrong path and those who can't get to school at all. They just simply share and help these kids to learn basic knowledge and keep them away from doing wrong things (like drugs and joning gang group).

Such a simple mission yet a huge helped for these kids. Kuya Ef as what he is fondly called, was featured on CNN and Mel and Joey. Advocating on the rights of every Filipino children. He believes that there is a bright future for these children. He gives time to teach the less fortunate ones by giving them a simple lesson to read and write. He inspired me a lot on what he is doing to the Filipino children and I believed he was able to touch the world with his campaign. He made it to compete on CNN Hero of the Year and I'm asking you guys to vote for him as a simple way to give him recognition to what he is doing. I just did vote and will vote again! ;) He is moving the chidren for a better future. This will also help him a lot if he wins it. CNN will give $100,000 to the winner and this will be a big time help for Kuya Ef. This would mean additional fund for his organization and more means to help the children. And perhaps soon he will not anymore use a push-cart in bringing his stuffs for the children. You can also donate directly to the organization by clicking the link below:

And again vote for Efren Peñaflorida!

Take care guys!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pampering at the office :)

, Instead of pressures and stress, I encountered a relaxing pampering from work yesterday. This doesn't happen too often at work. Thank goodness to a group of people from Derm Factor who gave us all a relaxing beautifying day :)

Derm Factor is a skincare brand from Philippines. They do not have any booth or stall at any malls. Their products are not sold on any store(according to Angel who took care of us) rather they do an office-to-office campaign in advertising their products. Most of their customers are from the government industry. They give free service (facial, foot spa and hand spa) in line with promoting their products. Their products will be used in any of the service in order for the customer to experience and test the product at the same time :) The followings are the products of Derm Factor:

Clockwise L-R: Lavender line, Rose line, Peppermint line and Citrus line

The Lavender line:

  • for oily and combination skin
  • includes a gel cleanser, face scrub, toning and mist, whitening day cream with spf 30, a whitening night cream, face mask and again I forgot the other one :)
  • the mask was painful upon application but the pain lasted only for at least 1-2 minutes

The Rose line:

  • for normal and dry skin
  • includes a milky cleanser, face scrub, toning and mist, whitening day and night cream, a face mask... I forgot the other one sorry:(

The Peppermint line:

  • for the feet
  • includes a foot soak, foot lotion, foot scrub and foot spray
The Citrus line:

  • for the body
  • includes a body wash, body lotion, body scrub and body oil
  • smells citrusy! hahaha!
My say:

I haven't tried the Rose line because of the fact that I have oily, acne-prone skin so the Lavender line is the one for me :) So far I was impressed with their product. No break out at all :) Their products were really relaxing and can calm your mind. I really did enjoy the session with Angel. I learned some beauty tips and information from her. She's very knowledgeable with the products. I felt relax and beautiful after the session :)

From the entire products, I only bought the Lavander Whitening Day Cream with SPF 30 and the Body Scrub (which is yet to be delivered). I need a day moisturizer and I really did like the product. I also ran out of body scrub and so I decided to buy one. And even more, you can pay on installments if you'll buy at least Php 1000. Isn't that great?!? :) But you can't buy their products on local beauty stores. You have to call them to order and I forgot to get their numbers! (stupid ayn! lol!) Anyways they'll be back to deliver my body scrub and get my payment:) I'll give my full review on these two products soon :)

The Lavender Whitening day Cream with SPF 30

an officemate enjoying the foot spa service

that's my feet... enjoying the warmth of the water in preparation for my FIRST foot spa evah! :)

I wish this will not be the last it will happen in the office. Perhaps a complete make over?!? Who knows! hahaha! *cross-fingers*

Take care guys!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Movie time: G-Force and The Face Shop Hauls

Finally G-Force was shown in the country! I've been waiting for this for the longest time. I was able to watch it first on a dvd copy (pirated :p) But still I catch it on the local 3D cinema. This is my second time to watch a film on a 3D format and I'm loving it :)

The film is about a group of guinea pig, a mole and a fly who were trained to become Special Agents of the FBI. The group launched out a secret mission (without authority from their superior) on a home electronics and appliance magnate, Leonard Saber, who is being investigated by the FBI for years. They were able to get an important file that can be an evidence against him. However, on the day they report about it, the file was just about a coffee maker. And since there was no authority to execute the said mission, the group was disband and the facility was shut down. The animals were ordered to be captured and will be put on experiment and be killed. The group was able to escape but ended up on a pet shop. On the pet shop, they met a guinea pig, a hamster and a group of mice who ended up being part of the team :) They tried to escape from the shop in order to bring back their group and proved that they got a significant information and be part of the FBI again.

My verdict:

Popcorn: 5/5 popcorns

A film for everybody! Better watch this film on a 3D format. You'll surely enjoy the 3D effects. Very entertaining :) I have fun watching this movie with my friends and sisters :)

After watching the film, we went over to Face Shop :) and these are some stuffs I got. I always wanted to try their face masks. I've read lots of good reviews of it. I'll give my thoughts on these stuffs after I try them :)

Another product that I got is The Face Shop Changpo Hair Coating Essence. Nikki of Askmewhats is raving this product. Actually she is raving the whole line (lol!) I thought to try first on this and if it is good for my hair before I ventured out to the whole line hehehe! I'll review on it soon :)

So what did you do last weekend? I hope you had fun like I do :)

Take care always guys!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Movie time: Surrogates and Yaya and Angelina

These passed two weeks was really a dreadful event for us Filipinos. You already knew what happened then. I just wished that this will be the last. Anyways, due to this I wasn't able to watched movie lately:( The only time I went out was last weekend! Thankfully the storm "Pepeng" (internationally known as "Parma") did not hit hard Manila. Though it was still raining that day but it wasn't that strong :) The weather was okay! So it was good to hit the local cinema for some relaxation and enjoyment.

I went out with my sisters to watched both the movies. We went to Megamall first to watch Surrogates. This film was based on a comic book where every human being have their own surrogates, which are robots in human form. They act as their human counterpart who controls them and interact with the world. It's a human isolation. Man seeks this robot in order for them to stay at home and be safe. Because these surrogates can move much better compare to man and they cannot feel pain no fear anything. Due to this, the criminal statistics was decreasing to almost 0%. It was an almost perfect world. Why almost? It's because there were still group of people who were against it. Bruce Willis lead the role in this movie.

My verdict:

Popcorn: 3.5/5 Popcorns

You know what's missing in this film, is the damn ACTION! I was expecting for actions in this film but I didn't get it that much. I thought this would be like the film I, Robot but is not! Totally disappointed for the lack of it. However, the story was really good. It shows that there really is no perfect in this world. Even the robots weren't perect. They do have their limitations.

I was supposed to watch this film on it's first week however due to Ondoy my plan was canceled. I watch this film at Robinson's Manila. Yes after we watch Surrogates we went to Rob just to watch this (lol!) I know we can watch it there but we decided to watch it in another cinema. We were actually thinking Trinoma however it was just too far from home. We love to watch movie in different moviehouse :)

This is a Filipino film and a movie version of the hit tv-segment of Bubble Gang, Yaya and Angelina. The film starred the funny tandem of Michael V as Yaya and Ogie Alcasid as Angelina. Both of them are really funny. I really enjoyed it. i was laughing the whole time.

My verdict:

Popcorn: 4/5 Popcorns

A family film worth watching especially this time after the depressing days we have. You will surely laugh out loud in this film :) Winner na Winner! (lol!)

Take care guys!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What's going on?

Yeah I know guys I have not been able to update my blog. I am very busy right now with work. Deadlines are really fast approaching. At the same time, my sister's laptop needs to be reformatted :( The only thing I could update is my FarmVille (lol! *see pic above). But I'll be updating soon with a review on the films I've watched last weekend, Surrogates and Yaya and Angelina: The Spoiled Brat Movie.
Take care always guys :)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Terrible Weekend!

I was excited for the weekend. My friend Ana was due to give birth and I have a date with my sisters. But that excitement went to nothing :( You already know what is happening to Manila right now. Floods were everywhere. Rain was unstoppable. Many people lost their homes and some love ones. It is indeed a terrible weekend for us, Filipinos. Many were stranded from the streets yesterday. Cars were stuck on the streets. The government cannot give full support because of the strong waves from the flood. Many were asking for immediate help. I wanted to help and reach out for them but even I need help as I was stuck at home and was worried for the flood which was rising fast. Thank God it never reached us. It almost did! I wasn't able to sleep well last night for the fear of the flood and the rain to go strong again. We were alert for the next 24 hours.

Today the weather was fine. There is still rain but it wasn't strong and the flood is slowly decreasing :) Though transportation was still difficult. I stayed at home and just watched on the news to learn what was happening to the rest of Metro Manila. I was really heartbroken from watching those people who are in difficult situation right now. They are in dying need of help as many of them still stuck in their rooftops. I was blessed enough that our home was not totally affected by the flood unlike them whose home were drowned and taken away by the flood. I am still able to eat and kept warm inside our home. Unlike them, they were hungry for not eating the whole day and cold from the blistering rain. I thanked God for it and prayed for their safety. My only problem is that our water line was cut due to the flood. Until now, we still don't have water :( Wish that the water will be back soon.

Even though it was a sad weekend, I was still able to celebrate for my friend, Ana. An angel was brought down from heaven :) She gave birth to a healthy and beautiful 7.2 lbs baby girl :) Help me guys welcome baby Cordero (I'm not yet sure of her name so I'm using her last name then) to the world. May you grow up to be a healthy and beautiful woman with lots of respect to her parents and love to her family :)

I am also wishing and praying to my fellow Filipino and to those who were affected by the storm for a quick recovery from this horrible event. May we all be able to stand firm and strong to face life ahead of us.

To God be the Glory!

Monday, September 21, 2009

giveaways for everybody

It's Monday and it's Holiday! And this means no work... Yahoo! I'm at home playing around with my rc (hehehe) As you can see the photo above my restaurant is doing good (lol!)...

Anyways, some lovely ladies are giving away great stuffs. Simply click the link belows for you to get a chance to get it :)

Orange to LA


Goddluck guys :)

Regarding the sale in MOA, it was only until yesterday. My mistakes guys! Sorry! But I hope you all have a blast on the 3-day sales :)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

it's a celebration!!!

Yahoo! Fantastic weekend :) Happy Eid Mubarak! Selamat Hari Raya Eidl Fitri!
A celebration for all my Muslim brothers and sisters! Let's enjoy this day to the highest level (lol!) :)

This day also is a special day for my baby sis Garidja... She is 21 today! Wow! Wish you all the best :) More birthdays to come and good health :) Be happy!!!
Anyway, so far I am enjoying this weekend. Non-stop celebration today and SALE!!! Yes! The Sale is still going on MOA, midnight tonight til 10 pm tomorrow. And don't forget to stop by the Cosmetic fair over at Megamall. As a matter of fact I'm going there :)
Enjoy your weekend :)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Movie time: Kimmy Dora and Land of the Lost + Giveaways!

I have a fun time in Tagaytay last week as well as the long weekend :) So I've been out of work for at most 5 days (wish it could be longer, lol!) :) Weekend came that means movie time:)

My friend Jen has just been promoted. Congrats Jen! wohoo! As a simple way to celebrate we went out and watch Kimmy Dora at Robinsons Pioneer .

This is a Filipino film directed by the brilliant Director Binibining Joyce Bernal and produced by Spring Film starring the funny Eugene Domingo and the ever-dashing, third World's Sexiest Man Dingdong Dantes (oh he is so yummy, lol!) Eugene played a twin role as Kimmy and Dora. Kimmy is the eldest sister who is really mean but very smart and had a crush on Johnson played by Dingdong. He is the love interest of the twin but he likes Dora the younger sister who has a child-like mentality. The dog on the picture is Mikky. He is a stray dog, "askal" to be exact and was adopted by Dora. The story begun where the twins were surrounded by the SWAT team and then going through back time before the first scene. It shows what happen then that led to the first scene.

My verdict:

Popcorn: 4.5/5 Popcorns :)

This film is very funny. I enjoyed it very much. There were just scenes that didn't tickle me that much. But over all it was a great funny film. If you are looking a film to make you laugh-out-loud, then go ahead and watch this film. You'll enjoy the two role
s of Eugene. :)

Another film that I watched over the weekend was Land of the Lost. This is an American comedy film that starred Will Ferrell and Anna Friel. This film is about their journey to another dimension of the world where the past, present and future meets.

My verdict:

Propcorns: 2/5 popcorns

I have high expectation for this film. However, sad to say it didn't meet my expectations at all. The film was boring! There is nothing great about the it. Though there were funny scenes but most of the time I felt like sleeping :( If you want to watch it, better just wait for the DVD copy...

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Monday, September 7, 2009

Skinfood Tea Tree Essence Review

So how's your long weekend? Mine was indeed relaxing! Movie weekend with my friends (I'll give my movie review on my next entry)‚ beauty rest (wohoo!) and it′s my parents 30th anniversary. Wow! My parents are living together for 30 years now and they are still going stronger! Wish for another 30 years for them :)

While having my beauty weekend session‚ I discovered that I still have my moisturizer for the past 5 months. I thought that this deserve a review after all it had a space in my beauty heart (yes! my heart have space for my beauty addiction, lol!) This moisturizer is Skinfood Tea Tree Essence.

I′ve been using this moisturizer for 5 months until I met Garnier. I remembered reading a site that says our skin change after 3-4 months and because of that we should change the products we also used. That is why I'm using another product now (Garnier to be exact).

This moisturizer is of gel-type. This is perfect for oily, acne-prone skin. A small amount of it goes a long way! Too much of it ends up to be quite sticky :( This does not only work as a moisturizer, it also helps in figthing my enemies lol! It does help in minimizing them.

My verdict:

Package: 5/5 stars
Performance: 5/5 stars
Price: 3.5/5 stars

The package is really hygeinic. It comes in a 30ml cute pump bottle. The price is expensive around Php 900 at Skinfood stores. Though it is much cheaper in Korea around half the price here. So it depends where you bought or buy this. I know someone who sells this half the price than the store price :) Her site is: pickmeuponline.
Wanna greet my parents again a happy 30th Anniversary to them :)
Love yah Mom and Dad! Mwah!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Movie time: UP

Finally! I was able to wear those sunglasses on the cinema. It was really amazing... Wondering what I'm amazed at? It's the 3D Movie! Yes it was my first time to experience it and it was unbelievable. :) I've always wanted to watch those movie with 3D format but I was always ended up going to regular cinema. Good thing it was shown on regular cinema with 3D format and the price is cheaper! IMAX is quite expensive but I would still give it a try one day :) I know that it has been here in the country for far too long already and the hype is not that big deal anymore; I've never tried it until UP came along...

UP is an animated film by Pixar and Walt Disney. It is about a cranky old man and an overeager boy who went for an adventure to South America by means of the old man's house suspended on hundreds of balloons. Along their way they met a dog who can talk and an exotic bird.

The film was really great. Tears were flowing in my eyes from the beginning til the end. It was indeed a fantastic adventure to watch with the whole gang.

My verdict:
Popcorn: 5/5 popcorns

A must-watch film for everybody.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Review: Dickinson's Witch Hazel Toner + another giveaways :)

My current toner is Dickinson's Witch Hazel (yellow label). I've been using this toner for the past 2 months already and i'm almost done with my second bottle. So, the question is: how is my face?

I've read a lot of good reviews of this product both from MUA and Girltalk. A lot of girls call this as their HG toner. Since raves are pouring out about this product, might as well try it. I bought a small bottle of this (less than Php 60) at Healthy Options. It is actually one of their best sellers. I have difficulty looking for this one. Good thing I found one at SM Manila :)

I was excited to try this and boy, they were right! The smell is very odd! I had a difficulty in using this because of it's smell. It was really so bad! But in a few days I got accustomed to it's smell that I didn't mind it anymore :) It doesn't sting eventhough it has alcohol content. It cleanse my face well. It didn't broke me out. But sad to say it did really nothing to my face. It doesn't help ease out my pimples but it doesn't aggravate it which is a good thing :) When my menstrual period came, I broke out really bad on my chin area. I did not blame this toner because I've been using it for almost a month then. It was merely hormonal issues :(

My verdict:

It is just an average toner. For the price, it is actually good. A small bottle of this toner lasts me a month and for the price of Php 60. If you have a sensitive nose better not try this because the smell will only hurt your nose (hehehe). There are better toner out there. And I need something that helps me in my face issues :-|...

Giveaway time again guys!

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Baboosh :)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

giveaway time again!

no! it is not me who will give some giveaways... lol... rather three of the blog sites i frequently visit will be giving away some stuff for those lucky girls and guys (yes you can join!)... they'll be giving away some great stuffs because they got more than 50-150++ followers in their blogs already :) (when will that happened to me, hmmm?!?) hehehe... anyways here are the links:

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goodluck to all of us :)


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Movie time: The Time Traveler's Wife and Aliens in the Attic

I always look forward for the weekend coz it's movie time week for me :) A time to relax and watch movie with your love ones or even with yourself. My friend Jacque and I went to watch The Time Traveler's Wife last thursday night (after work) at Robinsons Manila. We got the last full showing so we went first to Kenny Roger's to eat. We had a blast at Kenny coz it's been a while sinc we dine there :) I remembered that we always go to Kenny to eat every Friday. But lately we eat at some fastfood chains often. Yes, we miss Kenny (*sniff* lol)...

The Time Traveler's Wife is a romantic, novel-based film. It stars Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams. The story revolves around their love story. Eric character is Henry who has a genetic disorder were he suddenly disappears and travel in time. While Rachel acted as Claire the wife of Henry. Eventhough Henry will be gone from time to time he still tries to make up for his wife. The day of their wedding he disappeared but appeared as a different time Henry. He got older! (hahaha) But at the reception he returned. However problem arises when Claire got pregnant. She had difficulty in having a baby because the baby turns out to be a time traveler too and travels unborn. This hurt Henry to see his wife depressed. He then went to see a doctor to do sterile operation on his part. This made Claire hurt even more. But later on that day she received a call from a different time Henry asking for help and she made sure to get pregnant this time around (get the picture, lol). With God blessings she got pregnant :) and the baby was born safely and also can time travel but she can control it. He met his daughter when he travelled in time (future) and got to learn his death. He went on his life eventhoguh he is counting those days he will be together with his family. He died when his daughter was only five-years-old. Four years after his death, his past-time-travel-self travelled in the future and met his family again. So they only got to see him trough his past on the meadow where he and Claire first met.

My verdict:

Popcorn: 4/5 popcorns :)

The film was really great. A different love sotry. Though it's fictional in the sense of the time traveling part, but their love story was real. I also have fun watching the body of Eric Bana but I wish it was Brad Pitt's body (hahaha!). I don't see a good chemistry between Eric and Rachel though. But their acting was good enough to justify their role. :) If you love romantic story, you better watch this.

I got bored at home and since it will be the beginning of Ramadhan then so why not do something for yourself before that big day begins. Why not treat yourself a movie? This is my third time watching a film by myself. I know it is weird watching film by yourself but it can also be enjoyable so long as the film is good;-).

Aliens in the Attic is a family film by 20th Century Fox And Regency Enterprises. This film is about aliens trying to envade the earth but got beaten up by children. I enjoyed this film that it made my day yesterday. Laughing, eating my popcorn, no one beside me... so relaxing! hehehe

My Verdict:

Popcorn: 4/5

A family day movie! Bring the whole family and watch how children fight the enemies...

Still waiting fro my sister to be able to watch UP... anyone tried this on 3D?

Next stop: UP and G-Force (whew!)


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mask Sheet Review: Skin Food Herb Salad and Watsons Herbal Aloe Vera Stretchable

Mask Sheet is one of my favorite beauty regimen. So easy-to-use, hassle-free, convenient and not messy at all! :) The first time I used a face mask sheet, I never turned my back on it then! I have tried three mask sheets so far: Skin Food Herb Salad Mask Sheet, Watsons Herbal Aloe Vera Stretchable Mask, and a Japanese-made Mask Sheet (which I won't review because I don't know the name of the brand).

Watsons Herbal Aloe Vera Stretchable Mask (sorry i can't provide picture :(... )

My sister bought a pair of this mask. I asked for the other one to try it. The mask has cooling sensation upon putting it on the face. However, my face felt itchy while and after using it. Made no difference on my face. Too much essence on the sheet that it feels sticky after using it.

My verdict:
Packaging: 5/5 stars (very likey the package ;) )
Performance: 1/5 stars
Price: 5/5 stars (Php 50+)

I wanted to love this mask sheet because it is affordable and I believe aloe vera is good for acne-prone, oily skin type. I felt sad that it didn't do anything on my face.

Skin Food Herb Salad Mask Sheet

The first mask sheet I tried from Skin Food. I bought it over at ebay for around Php 60. This mask is for sensitive skin. Since my skin is oily and acne-prone type, I went ahead and bought it to try help ease the freaking acnes on my face. I have my monthly period just recently so my enemies showed up (hehehe).

The sheet has a cooling sensation and does not sting at all. It smells like a herb (obviously from the name) which I kinda like :) It didn't left me any itchiness feeling compare to the other two mask sheets i tried so far. Though it didn't shrink or decrease my acne but it soothes the pain from the acne.

My verdict:
Packaging: 5/5 stars...
Performance: 4/5 stars...
Price: 5/5 stars (Php 60+)...

With continued use I believe this will help me in fighting my enemies! :)

I am still in search for the best mask sheet on the market right now. I want to try the mask sheets from The Face Shop because I read and heard a lot of good reviews of the masks. Hope to get my hands on them soon... hehehe :)

Til next time!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Giveaway! Giveaway! Giveaway!

Who doesn't love giveaways? I personally love giveaways! The feeling of getting a free stuff at the same time winning it out of those who also wants it is fulfilling. Right now, one of my favorite site that I always visit everyday,Vivawoman, is giving away some free stuffs through it's August Giveaway Promo. If you want to win free stuffs all you have to do to is click this: Vivawoman Giveaway Promo

Hope you guys win!

Baboosh! :)

Friday, August 14, 2009

why create one?

Blogging is one of the hottest and fastest way to get into the so-called "Cyber World", a world full of excitements. I've been blogging since my college days as a requirement for my Philo class. But I've never gotten hooked on it. I just don't have the time to go to an internet shop or the computer lab to update once in awhile. I was already happy with my Friendster account at that time (geezz! this just reminds me how long that was...). Then, why the sudden creating one?

I've been reading a lot of blogs from bloggers around the Cyber World lately. I enjoy reading the stuff they blog. Sharing stuff that others can learn; enjoying what they are doing; and get to meet a lot of new friends. I like the idea that you can get to share ideas and information at the same time enjoying it with a friend that you may not be able to see personally. That simple common ground of understanding you can get from blogging gave me the idea to create one and get to know the world. I may not be able to travel the world literally, but i still got to do it.