Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Nature Republic Age Slick Gradation Blusher

I've only started to love make-up when I started doing office work. It's a norm to wear make-up in the office. It gives that professional aura that you need when you are facing your boss or colleagues. However, I don't wear heavy make-up. Light make-up is always my option. I seldom wear eyeshadow but I love blushes. I love the simple glow in my cheeks. I have always been a user of one-color-shade blushes until I saw the Nature Republic Age Slick Gradation Blusher from my suki.

Nature Republic Age Slick Gradation Blusher in No.1 Pink Collection

it offers two complimentary , rich, luxurious cheek colors

swatches from bottom to top from left to right

My say:
Performance: 4/5 stars
Packaging: 4/5 stars
Pricing: 3/5 stars

The simplicity of this blush makes me love it. I love all the colors. Its a good everyday blush because its very subtle. It is not pigmented so you need to brush your cheek at least three times for the product to really show. But two swipes on my cheeks is already good for me. I like blusher that comes in different colors. You can play with the colors to show different blush colors. One-color blusher can be boring at times so its good to have a blusher like this. No irritation nor allergies when using this. The packaging is made of plastic and a bit boring. It's a bit bulky if you have a smaller purse or make-up bag. I like how they made a separate compartment for the brush and the product itself. At least in this way you can make sure to keep the product clean :) I paid Php460 for this product and it was on sale. The price is okay but I think I'll look for another brand to try.

It's been raining since last week. Be safe everyone :)