Monday, November 28, 2011

Missha The Style Art Designing Sponge Pressed Powder

Its not everyday that matte and oil-free skin comes my way. A powder is needed to achieve this. I have used a lot of powders to help me combat the oiliness. One powder that help me is the Missha The Style Art Designing Powder.

Missha The Style Art Designing Sponge Pressed Powder (No.2)

Containing porous & sebum control powder, this pressed powder prevents sebum secretion & oiliness on the skin after application for all day cover.

My say:
Performance: 5/5 stars
Packaging: 5/5 stars
Pricing: 3/5 stars

Great powder! I love this powder :) As a matter of fact, I just hit the pan for the second time. This help in minimizing the greasiness of my skin. However, it won't lasts the whole day with just this powder. No powder has able to last the whole day. No breakouts nor itchiness :) The powder is very light in terms of texture. You wouldn't really notice it. It reminds me of the Skin Food Green Grape Pact. There is no noticeable scent. It doesn't cake up nor make my skin pale. No.2 or Natural Beige is just the right color for me. I like the packaging because its hygienic enough since there is a separator between the powder and the puff :) It's in color pink, very girly. What's good with this product is that you can buy refills rather than buying a new one. At least you save Mother Earth there :) I think I bought this on sale from my suki for around Php500++. I also bought the refill from her, still on sale, for around Php300++. Definitely, I'll buy this again but I think I'll get again the refill since the pact is still good and sturdy. But I have to wait for Missha Winter Sale next month to get the product at a lower price :)

How was the month of November to everybody? It was a pretty busy month for me. Sorry for the very late update on my blog. Hopefully this will continue since there are a lot of products I wanted to share. 

Take care guys :)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sun Gurad: Sunplay Powdery White Sunblock Lotion

Ever since I've learned the importance of sunblock, I've never turned my back on it anymore. It's on my top three must-have after cleanser and moisturizer. That's how important it is to me. Though I've found my HG sunblock, the curiosity in me still sway me to try other brands. One brand I tried is the Sunplay sunblock which is locally available at Watsons. Can it be my new HG sunblock?

Sunplay Powdery White Sunblock Lotion
    • High and effective protection against UVA nad UVB
    • Japan "Watery Liquid" formulation is non-greasy, light and smooth on skin
    • Japan whitening formulation, regular use helps lighten dark spots and enhance skin fairness
    • Vitamin C and E to promote skin health and prevent premature aging
    • water-proof
    • non-comedogenic (does not clog pore)
    • Suitable for daily use on face and body
My say:
Performance: 3/5 stars
Packaging: 4/5 stars
Pricing: 4/5 stars

This will not replace my current HG sunblock. I've brought this with me on my Bohol trip. Sad to say, this is not good for the high-sun trip. I did not feel that I was well protected enough. Good thing I brought 3 (including this) sunblocks with me at that time. I'll review the two soon :) This is a good sunblock to use if you will not be out in the sun the whole day. I've been using this for two-months prior to my Bohol trip. It did help in giving me sun protection. But then I was at work the whole day confine in my little cubicle. Definitely this not something you want to bring if you'll be under the sun the whole time. I noticed that my skin got one or two shade darker. Compare to my Bora trip last year, I did not get dark at all. Perhaps my skin got one shade darker but nobody noticed it. Unlike on this trip, people knew then that I went to the beach. It also does leave a white cast after using it. It also makes my skin look greasy even though its watery and thin in texture. It says that it can be a make up base, but not to me :( Good thing I didn't broke out nor gave me any allergies :) I cannot really attest to its whitening properties because I've been using a whitening cream at that time. Perhaps it did help since I got lighter skin fast :) The packaging do remind me of Biore sunblock. This is really small which really fits in my little purse. I bought this over at Watsons for Php349. There is no way for me to buy this. I am now skeptical to try the other variant of Sunplay available at Watsons. However, I'm currently using one from Missha. Of course, I'll review it to you guys soon.

Have a nice day :) 

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Holika-Holika Egg Soap

Cute stuffs are very tempting. I always end up buying stuff because they are cute. Bad me, I know! Packaging always attracts a customer (like me). The cuter or prettier it is, the more I would likely to buy it. However, some of this stuff will end either in my beauty basket or in the my sister's beauty basket or perhaps the trash bin. So where did Holika-Holika ended?

Holika-Holika Egg Soap
-sealed in a cute carton packaging; recyclable!-

-two soaps in one box :)-

-up close with the egg soap-

My say:
Performance: 3.5/5 stars
Packaging: 4/5 stars
Pricing: 3/5 stars

An egg on my face?!?Well it can. A lot of bloggers do recommend an egg mask to help tighten your pores. Though I haven't tried it so I'm not sure if this little thing actually works. But it does. There is a tightening feel after using it. My skin felt tight and clean. Help keep breakouts at bay. It can be a bit drying for me though. It also did little help on my blackheads. Still a great face scrub will do it. It doesn't have any overpowering scent. It was just pleasant enough for my nose :) I think I've used one egg for almost 4 months. That is in daily use and twice a day (morning and night). The egg-like packaging really works. However, finding the right soap dish can be bothersome. I like my soap dish that has a cover. Most soap dish in the market are kinda flat. Finding bigger/rounder that would really fit it is not that easy. I think I bought this on sale from my suki. I can't remember anymore the exact price :( I still have the other soap with me. I'm using another cleanser right now. If I'm done with it, I'll probably used it. I'm not yet sure if I want to try this again. I'm not really a fan of bar soap. I prefer either the liquid or cream type. There are 4 other variants of this soap. 

              1) White (like mine) - good for tightening pores and makes skin sleek
              2) Green - helps control excessive sebum and moisturizes
              3) Yellow - deep cleansing of pores
              4) Black - suitable for sensitive skin and removes blackhead


Looking for a good cleansing soap? Probably you would like this. Keep safe everybody :)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Nature Republic Eau de Shine Blossom Powder Pact SPF 25 PA++

Powder is essential for an oily babe. It helps reduce the oiliness of the skin plus gives that smooth, clean finish. It also provides a fresh look and feel.However, not all powders can do this. Finding the right one that you can call as HOLY GRAIL is not that easy. I had some powders which works wonders while some were a disappointment. How would I rate the Nature Republic Eau de Shine Powder?

Nature Republic Eau de Shine Blossom Powder Pact #21
- a long-lasting, oil-free matte powder foundation -

My say:
Performance: 2/5 stars
Pricing: 2/5 stars
Packaging: 3/5 stars

This is not the first powder I tried from this brand. Sad to say, both were a disappointment. No matte finish at all. This is a terrible powder. However, it didn't gave me any allergies plus it comes with an SPF 25 :) At least I got some sun protection. I think they have a new packaging for this. I'm not quite sure if this is still available since I can't find it in their site. But I'm not gonna buy this again.The packaging is cute but its hard to look for a back up puff for this since we don't have (yet) a Nature Republic store here. I bought this on sale for Php 575 at again my suki

How's the first day of the week?!? Keep the positive vibes coming :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Nature Republic Age Slick Gradation Blusher

I've only started to love make-up when I started doing office work. It's a norm to wear make-up in the office. It gives that professional aura that you need when you are facing your boss or colleagues. However, I don't wear heavy make-up. Light make-up is always my option. I seldom wear eyeshadow but I love blushes. I love the simple glow in my cheeks. I have always been a user of one-color-shade blushes until I saw the Nature Republic Age Slick Gradation Blusher from my suki.

Nature Republic Age Slick Gradation Blusher in No.1 Pink Collection

it offers two complimentary , rich, luxurious cheek colors

swatches from bottom to top from left to right

My say:
Performance: 4/5 stars
Packaging: 4/5 stars
Pricing: 3/5 stars

The simplicity of this blush makes me love it. I love all the colors. Its a good everyday blush because its very subtle. It is not pigmented so you need to brush your cheek at least three times for the product to really show. But two swipes on my cheeks is already good for me. I like blusher that comes in different colors. You can play with the colors to show different blush colors. One-color blusher can be boring at times so its good to have a blusher like this. No irritation nor allergies when using this. The packaging is made of plastic and a bit boring. It's a bit bulky if you have a smaller purse or make-up bag. I like how they made a separate compartment for the brush and the product itself. At least in this way you can make sure to keep the product clean :) I paid Php460 for this product and it was on sale. The price is okay but I think I'll look for another brand to try.

It's been raining since last week. Be safe everyone :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Innisfree Herb No Sebum Powder - Mint

Loose powder or compact pressed one?!? I've always been a user of pressed powders. They are definitely easy to carry and handle around. No messing around for me :) However, lately I've opened my heart (?!?hehehe) for those loose ones. One product that I had been admiring is the Innisfree Herb No Sebum Powder - Mint.

Innisfree Herb No Sebum Powder - Mint

 a talc-based compact powder made from herbs effectively controls sebum and gives a minty, smooth feel

My say:
Performance: 4/5 stars
Packaging: 4/5 stars
Pricing: 3.5/5 stars

Loose powder could definitely be messy compared to the compact ones. Of course, we don't want any powder on our clothes, don't we?!? But there will always be an exception to those that makes a difference like this Innisfree powder. I love this tiny (only 5 gms) little powder :) It may be small but it's awesome! This a great powder for oily babes like me. Less greasy even after a couple of hours of use. Though it doesn't keep me shine-free the whole day, at least for half-day my skin is still less greasy :) I love the slight minty feel and scent which is kinda cool and aromatic. After all its in the name: Mint and Herb. There is only one shade which is white. So careful on using it or else you'll look like a geisha or worst, a clown (hehehe!). However, a little goes a long way. This powder comes in a small green-plastic-round container with puff inside. This is really small that I wish they'll have a bigger one with some color to choose from. But I don't mind with the white one ;) I bought this for only Php 365 at a pre-order spree from my suki. I think I have finished two of this before using another one. I might buy the new one which is No Sebum Mineral Powder instead of this. But will definitely in my list of favorites :)

Whatever forms powder may come, so long as its help in keeping me shine-free, will always have a place in my heart :) Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sun Guard: Belo Essential Sun Expert Sunblock for the Face

Sunblock is a must in my daily life. I've been a sunblock user ever since I started working. I've been more vain after college. Maybe it's because I am getting old and that means aging. I'm 26 so I'm in my mid-20s. It's now time to prepare myself from the so-called aging life. One factor to combat aging is a reliable sunblock. I have already met my HG sunblock but it's also fun to try other brand. One brand that caught my eyes is the Belo Essential Sun Expert Sunblock.

Belo Essential Sun Expert Sunblock for Face SPF 40PA+++
  • Non-sticky
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Cell-protect
  • Non-Comedogenic

My say:
Performance: 4/5 stars
Packaging: 4/5 stars
Pricing: 4/5 stars

Belo Essential is a local brand created by Intelligent Skin Care Incorporated, an affiliate of the Belo Medical Group. Their products are for masses or commercial consumers who are looking for cheaper yet somehow effective or reliable products such as skin whitening and among others. I have used their whitening lotion and soap before but they end up giving me drier skin :(  Though my aunt loves it, so it really depends on our skin condition. FYI, my skin (except my face) is normal. However, I like their facial sunblock. It has high SPF of 40PA+++ means better protection :) It has a white-thin, yet not that watery, texture and feels light on the skin. It doesn't give any white cast because it blends well on the skin. No irritations nor allergies :) The only downside is that it can leave a bit of greasy look. It's okay since I have my reliable powder to keep me shine-free :) The packaging is really nice since it's in an upside-down type. So that means the product will easily come out upon using since most of the product is near the tip already :) The biggest factor that made me buy this is the price. I bought this for less than Php 300 (I'm not sure if it is 259 or 299) at Watsons and very much available everywhere. This is the cheapest sunblock I bought so far. This may be cheap, but performs well :) 

Have you found your HG Sunblock? Might as well try this product who knows this is the one.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Vacay: Bohol Trip

Summer is long gone in the country since rain were pouring heavily lately. But this won't stop me from going on a week-long vacation :) Yes, I just had my late-summer-vacation last week. It was so good and very much relaxing. This time I went to the beautiful and exotic Bohol :)

Bohol is an island province in the Philippines located in the Central Visayas Region. It is very much near to Cebu, Siquijor, Dumaguete, Camiguin and among others. The island is very much known for the Chocolate Hills. But as years passed by, there were a lot of new discoveries that are worth visiting.

It's my first time to visit the place. On our first day, we had our city tour which is a must-do for first timers. It's a whole day activity around Tagbilaran City, the capital city of Bohol. We were able to visit the following sites:

Sanduguan (Blood Compact Site)
-the site were Spanish explorer Miguel Lopez de Legazpi and Datu Sikatuna sealed their friendship/agreement- 

Baclayon Church
-one of the oldest church in the country. Remember to wear appropriate clothes since this is after all a religious site-

Loay River Cruising
-our tour guide/driver Mang Reno suggested this place. We were planning to have our lunch in the famous Loboc River. According to him, most of his clients preferred Loay than Loboc. In fairness, the food was good :) It's an eat-all-you-can buffet for the price of Php450. Though there is a regular one for Php380 but the food were limited. Drinks are not unlimited though :(-

-look how small the cute tarsier against my face (hahaha!). There is no entrance fee here but only donations-

Man-made Forest
-this is my favorite site that we visited. It is so serene and beautiful. I felt like I'm somewhere abroad. Mahogany trees were grown along the road which gives a perfect-picture for anyone. You'll passed this as you head on to the Chocolate Hills. Highly recommended place!-

Chocolate Hills
-I thought I'll never see this famous God-given creation. I only got to see this on my elementary Social Studies books. I'm so happy and amazed when I got to see them finally for real! It was raining at that time so the hills were greens. It should be called then Green Hills, hehehe =)-

Butterfly Sanctuary
-I wasn't really excited for this since I hate anything that flies. For butterfly enthusiasts this is for you :) An entrance fee of Php25 is collected-

Hanging Bridge
-I had fun crossing this bridge several times. They collect a fee of Php10. There is a small tiangge at the other side of the bridge where you can do some souvenir shopping.-

On our second day, we wanted some extreme experience and so we're off to Danao Adventure Park and a side trip to Sagbayan Peak.

-We spend one-whole day here. You need to be there early to fully enjoy the place. We left our hotel at 6:30am and arrived at around 9:00am. Danao is 72kms away from Tagbilaran. According to Mang Reno, our driver, we need to leave Danao by 3pm because it would be difficult to travel back at night. Though the place provide overnight stay. This place is for those who love extreme activities. I always thought of riding the zipline and the adrenaline Plunge. But the moment I saw how deep and high the mountain we were at, I lost all courage to do it :( We weren't able to ride all because some were close while some will take most of our time. It actually needs 2-days of your time to entirely enjoy it all. A new zipline, which is three-times longer than the current one, is being build right now. Fees are collected on each activity. 

Sagbayan Peak
-Mang Reno brought us to Sagbayan Peak were you could see Chocolate Hills and enjoy the scenery on top of a mountain.This is a resort and recreation center. A Php50 fee is collected.-

We dedicated our third and final day for swimming, diving, snorkeling, island hopping, and dolphin watching! =)

Whew! I wish I'm still there. The place is totally relaxing. Boholanos were very much friendly even though they had a hard time speaking, Filipino. Good thing I know how to speak Visayan at least :) If you haven't come to this place yet, do put it in your list of places to go. You'll definitely enjoy it and worth of your money and time =) Will definitely be back here again!

It's our department 113th Anniversary, not much work today (hopefully!). Enjoy :)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

A'pieu Pure Bright Acerola C Cleansing Foam

Clean face = beautiful skin :) Definitely! Even on tiring days, there is no excuse to not clean our face. Our skin can bring us problems like pimples, blemishes, uneven skintone, etc. Thus, adding to every day stress :( So I always make it a point, no matter how lazy and tired I am, to clean my face at the end of the day. However, I can't just wash my face with any cleanser. It should be something that will cater to my skin issues. So, how did I find this A'pieu cleanser?

A'pieu Pure Bright Acerola C Cleansing Foam

remove impurities and dirt to make your skin  bright and vitalized

Korean-brand A'pieu  is under the Korean giant cosmetic brand Missha. It uses organic ingredients in producing its skin care line. Combining the best benefits that can be drawn from nature's gifts such as edelweiss, lily, iris, chamomile and aloe vera, A'pieu creates a variety of products that will suit just about any skin type. It is devoted to bringing about a flawless, radiant glow to even the dullest skin.

My say:
Performance: 3.5/5 stars
Packaging: 4/5 stars
Pricing: 5/5 stars

This is the first and only product I have used from A'pieu. This cleanser is from my sister in exchange to my Etude cleanser she took. This is a good cleanser however it doesn't really suit me well. Positive points: no pimples nor new one and cleans my face very well. However, it is a bit drying for my skin :( I'm not quite sure if this is product is meant for all skin type since the label at the back is all in Hangul (Korean language). Since, it can be a bit drying, I highly don't recommend this to dry skin pipz. I'm not sure how much my sister bought this. If I'm not wrong it's around Php100++ for an 80 ml tube. For the price its still is worth it however I'll be checking out the other variant from this line that would definitely suit me. This 80ml tube is great to bring when you go on travel. At least I don't need to bring a huge tube of cleanser or transfer them to a smaller container. So convenient!

Do you clean your face on tired and lazy days?!? I hope you do :)

Monday, May 2, 2011

Weekend Haul: Hair Care

Buying stuff for my hair is growing in me. I rarely go to salon to have my hair treated. I always on the look out for DIY or stuff that I can use while at home. It's cheaper and relaxing since I could do it in the comfort of our home. Yesterday, I went out buying some hair masks that would last me for a few weeks.

Cream Silk, Rejoice, L'Oreal and Shine Moist

It's all in sachet except for the Shine Moist. I love products that comes also in small sachet to try out their product first. At least I don't have to splurge myself on them first if they end up being bad to me. In this way, I know which one is right for me. I'll review this babies once I'll try them out.

It's Monday! Thank God I survived it. Hopefully the same with the rest of the week :)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sample Review: Laneige Pore Tightening Essence

Happy Easter Sunday to y'all! The long weekend is about to end :( Tomorrow is the beginning of another stress-week. Ugh! It will definitely be a busy week ahead. Anyway, today I'll review a product which I got to use for like twice only. Why?!? Well, it's just a sample and it's worth mentioning it here :)

Laneige Pore Tightening Essence

Essence that forms tightened and soft skin by pore tightening effect.
  • Paekjain, licorice and clove buds extracts control sebum secretion to provide pore tightening effect.
  • Powder ingredient absorbs excessive sebum and prevents greasy skin.
  • Silicon polymers provides silky texture with invisible pores after use.
  • Milk protein forms elastic and healthy skin.
My say:
Performance: 4/5 stars
Packaging: 3/5 stars
Pricing:  3/5 stars

I so love this! Just like the Water Bank Essence, this product works wonders on my skin. With this one, my skin feels a bit tight and matte. Yes, no oil feel after and it is excellent in combating oiliness. My skin stayed oil-free for longer hours. Though my T-zone were a bit oily then but they weren't that usual greasy at all. Paper blot is enough for them. My skin were less oily! Definitely an excellent essence for oily people. No allergies nor new bumps :) However, I think this isn't moisturizing enough for my combi skin :( I still need a good moisturizer. I think this packaging comes in a glass bottle pump-type. I can't really say much until I get my hands on it. I think this is sold more than Php1000 in local Laneige store. Though I have only used it twice since it's just a sample, those times were enough for me to be convinced to get the product soon.

Happy egg hunting! :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Etude House Cleansing Dream Light Cleansing Oil

Ever since I had my first job, I've been wearing make-up (light make-up) to make myself at least presentable. I don't have a perfect, flawless skin. So make-ups come to the rescue. I'm not really a heavy make up user because I don't really know how to wear one. Plus I don't have time in the morning to do a lot. Make-ups can be harmful to the skin. This happens if at the end of the day you forgot to remove those make ups. I always make sure that I at least clean my face. Cleansing oil comes to the rescue. I have used different cleansing oil before. I love to test and try different cleansing oil. Though I loved some of them but the fun of trying a new one makes me decide not to buy that product again (yet!). One product I have tried is the Etude House Cleansing Dream Light Cleansing Oil.

Etude House Cleansing Dream Light Cleansing Oil
...very much empty :)...

cleansing oil with a pure sensation specially formulated to gently remove make up, 
oil and impurities from complexion
Active Ingredients: Green Tea and Secale Cereale (Rye) Seed Extracts
Mineral Oil Free / Alcohol Free / Clinically Tested

My say:
Performance: 4/5 stars
Packaging: 4/5 stars
Pricing: 4/5 stars

This is a great cleanser to remove make-ups and sunscreen. However, if you are a heavy make up user I think this won't do. This feels so light like almost water. Not much greasiness after using it though you still really need your other cleanser to completely remove those impurities. Lasted me for almost 6th months and with just nightly used of 2-3 pumps. No irritation, allergies, or new bumps. There is no noticeable strong scent. Just light scent that doesn't hurt the nose :) I love the packaging which comes in a transparent, plastic, pump bottle in light pink. You could really see how much of the product you still have. The good thing with this product is that it is easily available now in local Etude store. I remember that I was having a hard time looking for this product because it is always out-of-stock. When I saw it was available at one time, I did not think twice and grabbed it! (hahaha!) This is sold at around Php500 something in the local Etude store. I usually get my cleansing oil on pre-orders but if I can't get one soon, because my Nature Republic cleansing oil (which I'll review soon) is almost empty, I think I might as well buy another one of this. Over all, i love it :)

Remember to clean those face before calling it a day :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Sample Review: Laneige Water Bank Essence_Ex

Hello Monday! Work has just ended :) Good thing my boss wasn't around for he is sick. Get well soon sir :) (this is sincere! kekeke!) Today I'll review a skincare product that I have used over the weekend. Yes, I only used this over the weekend because it is just a mere sample. 

Laneige Water Bank Essence_Ex

Snow crystal clear and hydrated skin with Snow water science

My say:
Performance: 5/5 stars
Packaging: 3/5 stars
Pricing: 3/5 stars

I got this sample from my sister when she made a purchased from the local Laneige store. I thank her for giving this to me because this essence is good. It is easily absorbed by my skin. No allergies, reaction and new bumps :) I really did like it! Moisturizing enough for my combi-skin. My cheeks didn't experience any dryness at all :) It's power in keeping the oil at bay is just average. My T-zone were oily after a couple of hours. But it's okay since they were not really that greasy plus there is always my favorite mattifying powder  and sunblock around ;) Since this was made for all skin type, it doesn't have any heavy moisturizing feeling. There was a slight cool feeling upon application. The texture is a cross-combination between gel and water type. I think the regular packaging comes with a glass-type bottle. I can't really much say yet until I get hold of it. For the price, Laneige is considered to be a mid-range cosmetic. So it can still be expensive but not much. I think this is priced at Php 1000-2000 here in the local Laneige store. I'm not sure since I haven't really visited any Laneige store in the country. This is retailed at 27,000KRW in Korea. I might checked this out from my local suki store or wait for any sale from Laneige (hehehe!).

Monday ended good :) Hopefully the rest of the week will be the same ;)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Nature Republic Chestnut Pore Laser Fluid

Happy Friday y'all! Skin dilemma will always be a concerned in my part. Dealing with skin issue everyday is not easy. When will the time when I don't have to worry with my skin condition?!? Hopefully soon :p Today I'll review one skincare that I'm almost done with. This took me a long time to finish up.

Nature Republic Chestnut Pore Laser Fluid
  • Sebum -controlling emulsion that help tighten the pores
  • formulated with MD 102 Water; MD Water is Nature Republic's special, medicinal blend of purified waters collected from renowned sources around the world and extracts from the finest natural ingredients using their patented Nanophospholipid Liposome Drug Delivery Technology.
My say:
Performance: 2/5 stars
Packaging: 2/5 stars
Pricing: 3/5 stars

I got this together with the Nature Republic Hair Products. Boy, I was so surprised to see how huge the products were. They were just few but they were big. I also had the AC Blemish Lab Moisturizer (which I'll review soon) which also comes in a huge bottle. The bottles where design well but they were just really huge and heavy since they were made of glass except for the hair products. Good thing, Nature Republic had just recently revamped all their products design. They were slimmer though longer but at least they don't look fat (hehehe!). This line comes in  three types: toner, fluid and a balm. I only got the fluid one since I'm in need of a  good moisturizer in my cheek area (they tend to be dry) at the same time that will lessen the oiliness and shrink my huge pores. It comes in a white, fluid-type texture. You really just need a little amount for your entire face. This is a disappointment :( I've been using this for more than three-months and nothing had change. My pores were still big and it doesn't even help in keeping those oils at bay. However, it is moisturizing enough since my dry cheeks doesn't end up flaky. It didn't gave me new bumps (I still get one but only during my periods). Good thing I got this on sale or else it will be a waste of money. Repurchase?!? Nah!!! :)

Happy weekend :)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dr. Jart+ Pore-X Sebum Control Mask

Second day of work-week or should I say stress-week?!? (hehehe). In times like this, I need to prepare. One thing I do in preparation is giving my skin some pampering with a facial mask. A facial mask is very versatile and convenient in terms of moisturizing the skin. Though it comes in different type since it caters to different skin type and need. I have used a lot of facial masks while some were good and some were not. I was looking for a nice facial mask in my cabinet and there in the last row is the smallest among the rest. It's not really that small, it's just that it is the smallest, in terms of packaging, from the rest of my masks. This mask is Dr. Jart+ Pore-X Sebum Control Mask.

photo taken from
(I do have my own photo but I accidentally deleted it) 
Dr. Jart+ Pore-X Sebum Control Mask 
"Doctor Makes the Difference"
      • Pore tightening and Sebum Control
      • contains effective ingredients for tightening pores and controlling sebum
      • adds freshness, giving tension to the skin
Product Description: Keeps skin healthy by tightening the enlarged pores and controlling the sebum with effective ingredients such as Papaya extracts and Apricot extracts. Enhanced adhesiveness sheet avoids essence evaporates. Contains Hyaluronic Acid and Betaine ingredients for intensive moisturized healthy skin.

My say:
Performance: 4/5 stars
Packaging: 4/5 stars
Pricing: -

Yes this is good for oily skin people like me and those with enlarged pores, like me again (hehehe!). This a great mask. No irritation nor any bumps :) I usually felt some itchiness in my jaw line every time I used a facial mask; but not this one. No itchiness upon application. The mask fits my face just right. There wasn't any strong scent from the mask. I think the wasn't really noticeable at all. I left this on the fridge before I used this. It was a refreshing and cool feeling upon application. When I woke up the next day, there were less oil. It didn't really made my skin completely oil-free but somehow I don't look much like a frying pan in the morning. I got this for free since this is a freebie from one of my past pre-orders. I am now thinking of getting it since this is good. Probably in my next order I'll include this and might as well check out some of their products :)

Hope you had a fun week ahead :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Skin Food Peach Sake Pore Serum

Monday madness today! Work are piling up and are getting crazy. I need some time-off for awhile. Whoo! I want to end this day stress-free at least :-/ When stress is here, my skin goes nuts! I need to prevent that from coming or else it will be a stressful week ahead :( So a good skincare to rescue is much needed then. One skincare item that help me get through this is the Skin Food Peach Sake Pore Serum.

Skin Food Peach Sake Pore Serum
  • a special pore care for sebum control
  • enriched with Vitamin C, peach and sake extracts. Controls excess sebum and tightens large pores effectively, leaving the skin smooth and clean.

My say:
Performance: 4/5 stars
Packaging: 3.5/5 stars
Pricing: 3/5 stars

Who doesn't love a peach scent?!? Not me! But how about peach and sake combo scent?!? I was so curious as how this scent will come out. Sake on your skincare?!? Oooh, that's the first time. The scent is sweet and nice. The texture is a bit watery and gel-like. It just has the right consistency that it is easy to apply on the face. Absorbed by the skin fast and leaves a powdery smoothness after. A little goes a long way ;) No irritation nor breakout at all. Helps in minimizing the oiliness of my skin. This promises to help in minimizing pore size however it didn't deliver in that area :( This is a good moisturizer for oily babes. This works in keeping the oiliness at bay but not shrinking the pore size. This comes in a glass-pump-type bottle. This lasts for more or less two-months with twice a day of usage (morning and night). I think I got this at around Php550 at my local suki store. Overall this is a good product in combating the oiliness. 

Enjoy the week ahead :)

Friday, March 11, 2011

Nature Republic Scalsys Shampoo And Conditioner

Keeping my hair healthy is important to me. Healthy hair means beautiful hair :) No doubt about it! That is why I'm always on the constant look for hair products that will work wonders on my crowning glory. Of course I have to ask myself first: what is my hair problem or issue? 

My hair has always been bad to me. I have thick, dry, wavy hair before I got it rebonded. Right now my hair is showing signs of curliness (it's time for a visit to my salon), dryness and thinning. Yes, I'm having some hair loss problem :( Aside from this my scalp is oily and easily get dandruff :( So I need a shampoo and conditioner that fights dandruff, moisturize my hair and keep it strong. I don't need a shampoo that promises straighter hair (for the curliness) when you know that it won't straighten it at all. I also need something to tame those untamed ones. Did I found one? Well, today I'll review hair products, shampoo and conditioner to be specific, that's been lying in my cabinet for awhile. If I didn't clean my cabinet like two-weeks ago, I wouldn't find this at all nor remember it. I think it is waiting to be reviewed (hehehe!).

 Nature Republic Scalsys Refresh Shampoo and Conditioner

Hair products line based with herbal extracts that heals and nourishes damaged scalp.

My say
Performance: 2/5 stars
Packaging: 2/5 stars
Pricing: 3/5 stars

Nature Republic had a massive summer sale last June 2010. I got this on sale (I'm not sure if its 30% or 50% off) via one of my fave online store: kkochipida. Since I have been having issue on my oily scalp at that time, I was on hunt on new hair products for scalp problem. Good thing this was on sale so I grabbed the opportunity then. So how was it? Since I was very much accustomed to the minty feel of using Head and Shoulder Green Menthol Shampoo, I was expecting for a minty feel too upon application. I was disappointed because there weren't that much minty action. Well I can't blame it since it did not say any cool menthol included. Probably because of the word Refresh on its name. That freshness after using it, wasn't really a fresh feeling but it was okay. The conditioner is also okay in moisturizing my hair. But then I need more especially the lower part due to dryness :( Over all this is just an okay shampoo but in getting those dandruff away is a no-no. I think my trusty Head and Shoulder is still on top. Though I have used one from Elianto before but I forgot to review it since my sister took it without my permission from my cabinet. The next thing I know its empty :( But the few times I used it, I did like it. I'll probably get one soon :) As for the packaging, I did not expect this to be that huge or should I say stout. The bottom part of the bottle is rounded that makes it huge and doesn't really fits inside my little bath basket :( If only they'll just make it slimmer and taller rather than short yet stout :-/ It comes in a pump-type bottle.

As I am writing this, the news on the devastation of a tsunami due to the 8.9-magnitude earthquake that hits Japan is everywhere. I pray for the Japanese people to be able to find strength to stand up again. Though I know they can :) Be safe everybody!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Butterflies on My Food

Yes there were butterflies on my bento last Friday. Don't worry they weren't real so don't call PETA for I am definitely not hurting any butterfly (hehehe!). Rather check the picture below to see what I am talking about.

a closer look to the butterflies...
Another bento creation by yours truly. Bento food: chicken nuggets, squid balls, stir-fry peas and carrots, sliced tomatoes, lettuce and plain rice with flower-cut carrots and butterfly-cut nori to add some cuteness to it :) Nothing special to the food except to those wonderful flowers and butterflies (hehehe!). I think they made the food look yummy. Don't you think so?!?

Hope you enjoy this. Til my next bento creation then :)

Friday, February 25, 2011

A New Interest

It's been awhile since I have updated my blog :( Work has been overtaken me. Good thing I found some time to visit today :) However I won't be reviewing anything rather I'll share to you something that I have been doing lately. Remember my 5 goals for this year?!? Well my number 1 goal is to find a hobby or interest and I found one in bento-making.  
Bento is a popular traditional Japanese lunchbox. It is the art of making a lunchbox in the Japanese way. 
Yes I've been emerging myself in doing a bento meal for me and my sister everyday. It is not easy but it is fun. A lot of changes were considered. Time is on the top of my list. Before I usually wake up 6-6:30 in the morning but now I have to wake up at least an hour earlier than that or else this won't be possible. I was able to do this successfully though there were a couple of times that I have to take a break like today. Yes, I didn't made any bento for today. Let me share to you what I did yesterday then.

little octopus on my bento

I don't really have a theme here except that I just want to have a simple yet fun looking meal. I got the idea on the little octopus from an Indonesian bento-maker blogger. I'm sorry but I forgot to take note the site; will look for it again and update you with it :) Bento-food: two kind of rice: adobo and carrot rice, chicken adobo with baby potatoes, fried potatoes, tomatoes and carrots. I'm not an expert in cooking but I can cook basic food and with a recipe to follow (hehehe!). I hope with this new interest I'll be able to practice well my cooking skill then :)

This isn't the first bento I made. I think this is just the one that is cuter from all of them (hehehe!). Will try to post more bento meal of mine. But don't expect yet an extravagant bento soon since I'm still in the beginner's phase :) I hope you all like it and have fun this weekend!