Monday, November 28, 2011

Missha The Style Art Designing Sponge Pressed Powder

Its not everyday that matte and oil-free skin comes my way. A powder is needed to achieve this. I have used a lot of powders to help me combat the oiliness. One powder that help me is the Missha The Style Art Designing Powder.

Missha The Style Art Designing Sponge Pressed Powder (No.2)

Containing porous & sebum control powder, this pressed powder prevents sebum secretion & oiliness on the skin after application for all day cover.

My say:
Performance: 5/5 stars
Packaging: 5/5 stars
Pricing: 3/5 stars

Great powder! I love this powder :) As a matter of fact, I just hit the pan for the second time. This help in minimizing the greasiness of my skin. However, it won't lasts the whole day with just this powder. No powder has able to last the whole day. No breakouts nor itchiness :) The powder is very light in terms of texture. You wouldn't really notice it. It reminds me of the Skin Food Green Grape Pact. There is no noticeable scent. It doesn't cake up nor make my skin pale. No.2 or Natural Beige is just the right color for me. I like the packaging because its hygienic enough since there is a separator between the powder and the puff :) It's in color pink, very girly. What's good with this product is that you can buy refills rather than buying a new one. At least you save Mother Earth there :) I think I bought this on sale from my suki for around Php500++. I also bought the refill from her, still on sale, for around Php300++. Definitely, I'll buy this again but I think I'll get again the refill since the pact is still good and sturdy. But I have to wait for Missha Winter Sale next month to get the product at a lower price :)

How was the month of November to everybody? It was a pretty busy month for me. Sorry for the very late update on my blog. Hopefully this will continue since there are a lot of products I wanted to share. 

Take care guys :)