Thursday, August 27, 2009

Review: Dickinson's Witch Hazel Toner + another giveaways :)

My current toner is Dickinson's Witch Hazel (yellow label). I've been using this toner for the past 2 months already and i'm almost done with my second bottle. So, the question is: how is my face?

I've read a lot of good reviews of this product both from MUA and Girltalk. A lot of girls call this as their HG toner. Since raves are pouring out about this product, might as well try it. I bought a small bottle of this (less than Php 60) at Healthy Options. It is actually one of their best sellers. I have difficulty looking for this one. Good thing I found one at SM Manila :)

I was excited to try this and boy, they were right! The smell is very odd! I had a difficulty in using this because of it's smell. It was really so bad! But in a few days I got accustomed to it's smell that I didn't mind it anymore :) It doesn't sting eventhough it has alcohol content. It cleanse my face well. It didn't broke me out. But sad to say it did really nothing to my face. It doesn't help ease out my pimples but it doesn't aggravate it which is a good thing :) When my menstrual period came, I broke out really bad on my chin area. I did not blame this toner because I've been using it for almost a month then. It was merely hormonal issues :(

My verdict:

It is just an average toner. For the price, it is actually good. A small bottle of this toner lasts me a month and for the price of Php 60. If you have a sensitive nose better not try this because the smell will only hurt your nose (hehehe). There are better toner out there. And I need something that helps me in my face issues :-|...

Giveaway time again guys!

Again it's not me (hehehe... perhaps soon! lol)! Two great sites are giving away some cool stuffs. If you want to grab your hands on it simply click on the links below...

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Baboosh :)