Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bloggers' Giveaways!

Two bloggers are giving away some great stuff. Just simply check the pictures below to know what these great stuffs are :)

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Monday, October 26, 2009

A Hero for the Kids

Do you know Efren Peñaflorida? Personally, I don't! I've never met him in my entire life. But I got to know him in a simple way through a link that my friend sent to me.

He is an advocater; a believer; and a teacher! He was one of the founder of the Dynamic Teen Company, a group of concerned young people with a mission of making a small yet significant difference in other people’s lives, particularly the small children in slum areas who have no access to education, basic hygiene and sometimes, even love from their families. They do community service and reach out to kids who are walking on the wrong path and those who can't get to school at all. They just simply share and help these kids to learn basic knowledge and keep them away from doing wrong things (like drugs and joning gang group).

Such a simple mission yet a huge helped for these kids. Kuya Ef as what he is fondly called, was featured on CNN and Mel and Joey. Advocating on the rights of every Filipino children. He believes that there is a bright future for these children. He gives time to teach the less fortunate ones by giving them a simple lesson to read and write. He inspired me a lot on what he is doing to the Filipino children and I believed he was able to touch the world with his campaign. He made it to compete on CNN Hero of the Year and I'm asking you guys to vote for him as a simple way to give him recognition to what he is doing. I just did vote and will vote again! ;) He is moving the chidren for a better future. This will also help him a lot if he wins it. CNN will give $100,000 to the winner and this will be a big time help for Kuya Ef. This would mean additional fund for his organization and more means to help the children. And perhaps soon he will not anymore use a push-cart in bringing his stuffs for the children. You can also donate directly to the organization by clicking the link below:

And again vote for Efren Peñaflorida!

Take care guys!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pampering at the office :)

, Instead of pressures and stress, I encountered a relaxing pampering from work yesterday. This doesn't happen too often at work. Thank goodness to a group of people from Derm Factor who gave us all a relaxing beautifying day :)

Derm Factor is a skincare brand from Philippines. They do not have any booth or stall at any malls. Their products are not sold on any store(according to Angel who took care of us) rather they do an office-to-office campaign in advertising their products. Most of their customers are from the government industry. They give free service (facial, foot spa and hand spa) in line with promoting their products. Their products will be used in any of the service in order for the customer to experience and test the product at the same time :) The followings are the products of Derm Factor:

Clockwise L-R: Lavender line, Rose line, Peppermint line and Citrus line

The Lavender line:

  • for oily and combination skin
  • includes a gel cleanser, face scrub, toning and mist, whitening day cream with spf 30, a whitening night cream, face mask and again I forgot the other one :)
  • the mask was painful upon application but the pain lasted only for at least 1-2 minutes

The Rose line:

  • for normal and dry skin
  • includes a milky cleanser, face scrub, toning and mist, whitening day and night cream, a face mask... I forgot the other one sorry:(

The Peppermint line:

  • for the feet
  • includes a foot soak, foot lotion, foot scrub and foot spray
The Citrus line:

  • for the body
  • includes a body wash, body lotion, body scrub and body oil
  • smells citrusy! hahaha!
My say:

I haven't tried the Rose line because of the fact that I have oily, acne-prone skin so the Lavender line is the one for me :) So far I was impressed with their product. No break out at all :) Their products were really relaxing and can calm your mind. I really did enjoy the session with Angel. I learned some beauty tips and information from her. She's very knowledgeable with the products. I felt relax and beautiful after the session :)

From the entire products, I only bought the Lavander Whitening Day Cream with SPF 30 and the Body Scrub (which is yet to be delivered). I need a day moisturizer and I really did like the product. I also ran out of body scrub and so I decided to buy one. And even more, you can pay on installments if you'll buy at least Php 1000. Isn't that great?!? :) But you can't buy their products on local beauty stores. You have to call them to order and I forgot to get their numbers! (stupid ayn! lol!) Anyways they'll be back to deliver my body scrub and get my payment:) I'll give my full review on these two products soon :)

The Lavender Whitening day Cream with SPF 30

an officemate enjoying the foot spa service

that's my feet... enjoying the warmth of the water in preparation for my FIRST foot spa evah! :)

I wish this will not be the last it will happen in the office. Perhaps a complete make over?!? Who knows! hahaha! *cross-fingers*

Take care guys!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Movie time: G-Force and The Face Shop Hauls

Finally G-Force was shown in the country! I've been waiting for this for the longest time. I was able to watch it first on a dvd copy (pirated :p) But still I catch it on the local 3D cinema. This is my second time to watch a film on a 3D format and I'm loving it :)

The film is about a group of guinea pig, a mole and a fly who were trained to become Special Agents of the FBI. The group launched out a secret mission (without authority from their superior) on a home electronics and appliance magnate, Leonard Saber, who is being investigated by the FBI for years. They were able to get an important file that can be an evidence against him. However, on the day they report about it, the file was just about a coffee maker. And since there was no authority to execute the said mission, the group was disband and the facility was shut down. The animals were ordered to be captured and will be put on experiment and be killed. The group was able to escape but ended up on a pet shop. On the pet shop, they met a guinea pig, a hamster and a group of mice who ended up being part of the team :) They tried to escape from the shop in order to bring back their group and proved that they got a significant information and be part of the FBI again.

My verdict:

Popcorn: 5/5 popcorns

A film for everybody! Better watch this film on a 3D format. You'll surely enjoy the 3D effects. Very entertaining :) I have fun watching this movie with my friends and sisters :)

After watching the film, we went over to Face Shop :) and these are some stuffs I got. I always wanted to try their face masks. I've read lots of good reviews of it. I'll give my thoughts on these stuffs after I try them :)

Another product that I got is The Face Shop Changpo Hair Coating Essence. Nikki of Askmewhats is raving this product. Actually she is raving the whole line (lol!) I thought to try first on this and if it is good for my hair before I ventured out to the whole line hehehe! I'll review on it soon :)

So what did you do last weekend? I hope you had fun like I do :)

Take care always guys!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Movie time: Surrogates and Yaya and Angelina

These passed two weeks was really a dreadful event for us Filipinos. You already knew what happened then. I just wished that this will be the last. Anyways, due to this I wasn't able to watched movie lately:( The only time I went out was last weekend! Thankfully the storm "Pepeng" (internationally known as "Parma") did not hit hard Manila. Though it was still raining that day but it wasn't that strong :) The weather was okay! So it was good to hit the local cinema for some relaxation and enjoyment.

I went out with my sisters to watched both the movies. We went to Megamall first to watch Surrogates. This film was based on a comic book where every human being have their own surrogates, which are robots in human form. They act as their human counterpart who controls them and interact with the world. It's a human isolation. Man seeks this robot in order for them to stay at home and be safe. Because these surrogates can move much better compare to man and they cannot feel pain no fear anything. Due to this, the criminal statistics was decreasing to almost 0%. It was an almost perfect world. Why almost? It's because there were still group of people who were against it. Bruce Willis lead the role in this movie.

My verdict:

Popcorn: 3.5/5 Popcorns

You know what's missing in this film, is the damn ACTION! I was expecting for actions in this film but I didn't get it that much. I thought this would be like the film I, Robot but is not! Totally disappointed for the lack of it. However, the story was really good. It shows that there really is no perfect in this world. Even the robots weren't perect. They do have their limitations.

I was supposed to watch this film on it's first week however due to Ondoy my plan was canceled. I watch this film at Robinson's Manila. Yes after we watch Surrogates we went to Rob just to watch this (lol!) I know we can watch it there but we decided to watch it in another cinema. We were actually thinking Trinoma however it was just too far from home. We love to watch movie in different moviehouse :)

This is a Filipino film and a movie version of the hit tv-segment of Bubble Gang, Yaya and Angelina. The film starred the funny tandem of Michael V as Yaya and Ogie Alcasid as Angelina. Both of them are really funny. I really enjoyed it. i was laughing the whole time.

My verdict:

Popcorn: 4/5 Popcorns

A family film worth watching especially this time after the depressing days we have. You will surely laugh out loud in this film :) Winner na Winner! (lol!)

Take care guys!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What's going on?

Yeah I know guys I have not been able to update my blog. I am very busy right now with work. Deadlines are really fast approaching. At the same time, my sister's laptop needs to be reformatted :( The only thing I could update is my FarmVille (lol! *see pic above). But I'll be updating soon with a review on the films I've watched last weekend, Surrogates and Yaya and Angelina: The Spoiled Brat Movie.
Take care always guys :)