Sunday, September 27, 2009

Terrible Weekend!

I was excited for the weekend. My friend Ana was due to give birth and I have a date with my sisters. But that excitement went to nothing :( You already know what is happening to Manila right now. Floods were everywhere. Rain was unstoppable. Many people lost their homes and some love ones. It is indeed a terrible weekend for us, Filipinos. Many were stranded from the streets yesterday. Cars were stuck on the streets. The government cannot give full support because of the strong waves from the flood. Many were asking for immediate help. I wanted to help and reach out for them but even I need help as I was stuck at home and was worried for the flood which was rising fast. Thank God it never reached us. It almost did! I wasn't able to sleep well last night for the fear of the flood and the rain to go strong again. We were alert for the next 24 hours.

Today the weather was fine. There is still rain but it wasn't strong and the flood is slowly decreasing :) Though transportation was still difficult. I stayed at home and just watched on the news to learn what was happening to the rest of Metro Manila. I was really heartbroken from watching those people who are in difficult situation right now. They are in dying need of help as many of them still stuck in their rooftops. I was blessed enough that our home was not totally affected by the flood unlike them whose home were drowned and taken away by the flood. I am still able to eat and kept warm inside our home. Unlike them, they were hungry for not eating the whole day and cold from the blistering rain. I thanked God for it and prayed for their safety. My only problem is that our water line was cut due to the flood. Until now, we still don't have water :( Wish that the water will be back soon.

Even though it was a sad weekend, I was still able to celebrate for my friend, Ana. An angel was brought down from heaven :) She gave birth to a healthy and beautiful 7.2 lbs baby girl :) Help me guys welcome baby Cordero (I'm not yet sure of her name so I'm using her last name then) to the world. May you grow up to be a healthy and beautiful woman with lots of respect to her parents and love to her family :)

I am also wishing and praying to my fellow Filipino and to those who were affected by the storm for a quick recovery from this horrible event. May we all be able to stand firm and strong to face life ahead of us.

To God be the Glory!