Sunday, September 27, 2009

Terrible Weekend!

I was excited for the weekend. My friend Ana was due to give birth and I have a date with my sisters. But that excitement went to nothing :( You already know what is happening to Manila right now. Floods were everywhere. Rain was unstoppable. Many people lost their homes and some love ones. It is indeed a terrible weekend for us, Filipinos. Many were stranded from the streets yesterday. Cars were stuck on the streets. The government cannot give full support because of the strong waves from the flood. Many were asking for immediate help. I wanted to help and reach out for them but even I need help as I was stuck at home and was worried for the flood which was rising fast. Thank God it never reached us. It almost did! I wasn't able to sleep well last night for the fear of the flood and the rain to go strong again. We were alert for the next 24 hours.

Today the weather was fine. There is still rain but it wasn't strong and the flood is slowly decreasing :) Though transportation was still difficult. I stayed at home and just watched on the news to learn what was happening to the rest of Metro Manila. I was really heartbroken from watching those people who are in difficult situation right now. They are in dying need of help as many of them still stuck in their rooftops. I was blessed enough that our home was not totally affected by the flood unlike them whose home were drowned and taken away by the flood. I am still able to eat and kept warm inside our home. Unlike them, they were hungry for not eating the whole day and cold from the blistering rain. I thanked God for it and prayed for their safety. My only problem is that our water line was cut due to the flood. Until now, we still don't have water :( Wish that the water will be back soon.

Even though it was a sad weekend, I was still able to celebrate for my friend, Ana. An angel was brought down from heaven :) She gave birth to a healthy and beautiful 7.2 lbs baby girl :) Help me guys welcome baby Cordero (I'm not yet sure of her name so I'm using her last name then) to the world. May you grow up to be a healthy and beautiful woman with lots of respect to her parents and love to her family :)

I am also wishing and praying to my fellow Filipino and to those who were affected by the storm for a quick recovery from this horrible event. May we all be able to stand firm and strong to face life ahead of us.

To God be the Glory!

Monday, September 21, 2009

giveaways for everybody

It's Monday and it's Holiday! And this means no work... Yahoo! I'm at home playing around with my rc (hehehe) As you can see the photo above my restaurant is doing good (lol!)...

Anyways, some lovely ladies are giving away great stuffs. Simply click the link belows for you to get a chance to get it :)

Orange to LA


Goddluck guys :)

Regarding the sale in MOA, it was only until yesterday. My mistakes guys! Sorry! But I hope you all have a blast on the 3-day sales :)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

it's a celebration!!!

Yahoo! Fantastic weekend :) Happy Eid Mubarak! Selamat Hari Raya Eidl Fitri!
A celebration for all my Muslim brothers and sisters! Let's enjoy this day to the highest level (lol!) :)

This day also is a special day for my baby sis Garidja... She is 21 today! Wow! Wish you all the best :) More birthdays to come and good health :) Be happy!!!
Anyway, so far I am enjoying this weekend. Non-stop celebration today and SALE!!! Yes! The Sale is still going on MOA, midnight tonight til 10 pm tomorrow. And don't forget to stop by the Cosmetic fair over at Megamall. As a matter of fact I'm going there :)
Enjoy your weekend :)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Movie time: Kimmy Dora and Land of the Lost + Giveaways!

I have a fun time in Tagaytay last week as well as the long weekend :) So I've been out of work for at most 5 days (wish it could be longer, lol!) :) Weekend came that means movie time:)

My friend Jen has just been promoted. Congrats Jen! wohoo! As a simple way to celebrate we went out and watch Kimmy Dora at Robinsons Pioneer .

This is a Filipino film directed by the brilliant Director Binibining Joyce Bernal and produced by Spring Film starring the funny Eugene Domingo and the ever-dashing, third World's Sexiest Man Dingdong Dantes (oh he is so yummy, lol!) Eugene played a twin role as Kimmy and Dora. Kimmy is the eldest sister who is really mean but very smart and had a crush on Johnson played by Dingdong. He is the love interest of the twin but he likes Dora the younger sister who has a child-like mentality. The dog on the picture is Mikky. He is a stray dog, "askal" to be exact and was adopted by Dora. The story begun where the twins were surrounded by the SWAT team and then going through back time before the first scene. It shows what happen then that led to the first scene.

My verdict:

Popcorn: 4.5/5 Popcorns :)

This film is very funny. I enjoyed it very much. There were just scenes that didn't tickle me that much. But over all it was a great funny film. If you are looking a film to make you laugh-out-loud, then go ahead and watch this film. You'll enjoy the two role
s of Eugene. :)

Another film that I watched over the weekend was Land of the Lost. This is an American comedy film that starred Will Ferrell and Anna Friel. This film is about their journey to another dimension of the world where the past, present and future meets.

My verdict:

Propcorns: 2/5 popcorns

I have high expectation for this film. However, sad to say it didn't meet my expectations at all. The film was boring! There is nothing great about the it. Though there were funny scenes but most of the time I felt like sleeping :( If you want to watch it, better just wait for the DVD copy...

+++ Giveaways!!!

It's giveaway time guys... But not from me! lol! Some cool blogs are giving away wonderful stuffs to everybody. Want it? Click on the links below:)

Dreamville --- Marietta

B-U-T --- Niki Dundas


All You Desire

Magic Maid --- Nicole

My Life's a Bumble Bee --- Adin_22



Monday, September 7, 2009

Skinfood Tea Tree Essence Review

So how's your long weekend? Mine was indeed relaxing! Movie weekend with my friends (I'll give my movie review on my next entry)‚ beauty rest (wohoo!) and it′s my parents 30th anniversary. Wow! My parents are living together for 30 years now and they are still going stronger! Wish for another 30 years for them :)

While having my beauty weekend session‚ I discovered that I still have my moisturizer for the past 5 months. I thought that this deserve a review after all it had a space in my beauty heart (yes! my heart have space for my beauty addiction, lol!) This moisturizer is Skinfood Tea Tree Essence.

I′ve been using this moisturizer for 5 months until I met Garnier. I remembered reading a site that says our skin change after 3-4 months and because of that we should change the products we also used. That is why I'm using another product now (Garnier to be exact).

This moisturizer is of gel-type. This is perfect for oily, acne-prone skin. A small amount of it goes a long way! Too much of it ends up to be quite sticky :( This does not only work as a moisturizer, it also helps in figthing my enemies lol! It does help in minimizing them.

My verdict:

Package: 5/5 stars
Performance: 5/5 stars
Price: 3.5/5 stars

The package is really hygeinic. It comes in a 30ml cute pump bottle. The price is expensive around Php 900 at Skinfood stores. Though it is much cheaper in Korea around half the price here. So it depends where you bought or buy this. I know someone who sells this half the price than the store price :) Her site is: pickmeuponline.
Wanna greet my parents again a happy 30th Anniversary to them :)
Love yah Mom and Dad! Mwah!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Movie time: UP

Finally! I was able to wear those sunglasses on the cinema. It was really amazing... Wondering what I'm amazed at? It's the 3D Movie! Yes it was my first time to experience it and it was unbelievable. :) I've always wanted to watch those movie with 3D format but I was always ended up going to regular cinema. Good thing it was shown on regular cinema with 3D format and the price is cheaper! IMAX is quite expensive but I would still give it a try one day :) I know that it has been here in the country for far too long already and the hype is not that big deal anymore; I've never tried it until UP came along...

UP is an animated film by Pixar and Walt Disney. It is about a cranky old man and an overeager boy who went for an adventure to South America by means of the old man's house suspended on hundreds of balloons. Along their way they met a dog who can talk and an exotic bird.

The film was really great. Tears were flowing in my eyes from the beginning til the end. It was indeed a fantastic adventure to watch with the whole gang.

My verdict:
Popcorn: 5/5 popcorns

A must-watch film for everybody.