Thursday, August 27, 2009

Review: Dickinson's Witch Hazel Toner + another giveaways :)

My current toner is Dickinson's Witch Hazel (yellow label). I've been using this toner for the past 2 months already and i'm almost done with my second bottle. So, the question is: how is my face?

I've read a lot of good reviews of this product both from MUA and Girltalk. A lot of girls call this as their HG toner. Since raves are pouring out about this product, might as well try it. I bought a small bottle of this (less than Php 60) at Healthy Options. It is actually one of their best sellers. I have difficulty looking for this one. Good thing I found one at SM Manila :)

I was excited to try this and boy, they were right! The smell is very odd! I had a difficulty in using this because of it's smell. It was really so bad! But in a few days I got accustomed to it's smell that I didn't mind it anymore :) It doesn't sting eventhough it has alcohol content. It cleanse my face well. It didn't broke me out. But sad to say it did really nothing to my face. It doesn't help ease out my pimples but it doesn't aggravate it which is a good thing :) When my menstrual period came, I broke out really bad on my chin area. I did not blame this toner because I've been using it for almost a month then. It was merely hormonal issues :(

My verdict:

It is just an average toner. For the price, it is actually good. A small bottle of this toner lasts me a month and for the price of Php 60. If you have a sensitive nose better not try this because the smell will only hurt your nose (hehehe). There are better toner out there. And I need something that helps me in my face issues :-|...

Giveaway time again guys!

Again it's not me (hehehe... perhaps soon! lol)! Two great sites are giving away some cool stuffs. If you want to grab your hands on it simply click on the links below...

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Baboosh :)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

giveaway time again!

no! it is not me who will give some giveaways... lol... rather three of the blog sites i frequently visit will be giving away some stuff for those lucky girls and guys (yes you can join!)... they'll be giving away some great stuffs because they got more than 50-150++ followers in their blogs already :) (when will that happened to me, hmmm?!?) hehehe... anyways here are the links:

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goodluck to all of us :)


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Movie time: The Time Traveler's Wife and Aliens in the Attic

I always look forward for the weekend coz it's movie time week for me :) A time to relax and watch movie with your love ones or even with yourself. My friend Jacque and I went to watch The Time Traveler's Wife last thursday night (after work) at Robinsons Manila. We got the last full showing so we went first to Kenny Roger's to eat. We had a blast at Kenny coz it's been a while sinc we dine there :) I remembered that we always go to Kenny to eat every Friday. But lately we eat at some fastfood chains often. Yes, we miss Kenny (*sniff* lol)...

The Time Traveler's Wife is a romantic, novel-based film. It stars Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams. The story revolves around their love story. Eric character is Henry who has a genetic disorder were he suddenly disappears and travel in time. While Rachel acted as Claire the wife of Henry. Eventhough Henry will be gone from time to time he still tries to make up for his wife. The day of their wedding he disappeared but appeared as a different time Henry. He got older! (hahaha) But at the reception he returned. However problem arises when Claire got pregnant. She had difficulty in having a baby because the baby turns out to be a time traveler too and travels unborn. This hurt Henry to see his wife depressed. He then went to see a doctor to do sterile operation on his part. This made Claire hurt even more. But later on that day she received a call from a different time Henry asking for help and she made sure to get pregnant this time around (get the picture, lol). With God blessings she got pregnant :) and the baby was born safely and also can time travel but she can control it. He met his daughter when he travelled in time (future) and got to learn his death. He went on his life eventhoguh he is counting those days he will be together with his family. He died when his daughter was only five-years-old. Four years after his death, his past-time-travel-self travelled in the future and met his family again. So they only got to see him trough his past on the meadow where he and Claire first met.

My verdict:

Popcorn: 4/5 popcorns :)

The film was really great. A different love sotry. Though it's fictional in the sense of the time traveling part, but their love story was real. I also have fun watching the body of Eric Bana but I wish it was Brad Pitt's body (hahaha!). I don't see a good chemistry between Eric and Rachel though. But their acting was good enough to justify their role. :) If you love romantic story, you better watch this.

I got bored at home and since it will be the beginning of Ramadhan then so why not do something for yourself before that big day begins. Why not treat yourself a movie? This is my third time watching a film by myself. I know it is weird watching film by yourself but it can also be enjoyable so long as the film is good;-).

Aliens in the Attic is a family film by 20th Century Fox And Regency Enterprises. This film is about aliens trying to envade the earth but got beaten up by children. I enjoyed this film that it made my day yesterday. Laughing, eating my popcorn, no one beside me... so relaxing! hehehe

My Verdict:

Popcorn: 4/5

A family day movie! Bring the whole family and watch how children fight the enemies...

Still waiting fro my sister to be able to watch UP... anyone tried this on 3D?

Next stop: UP and G-Force (whew!)


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mask Sheet Review: Skin Food Herb Salad and Watsons Herbal Aloe Vera Stretchable

Mask Sheet is one of my favorite beauty regimen. So easy-to-use, hassle-free, convenient and not messy at all! :) The first time I used a face mask sheet, I never turned my back on it then! I have tried three mask sheets so far: Skin Food Herb Salad Mask Sheet, Watsons Herbal Aloe Vera Stretchable Mask, and a Japanese-made Mask Sheet (which I won't review because I don't know the name of the brand).

Watsons Herbal Aloe Vera Stretchable Mask (sorry i can't provide picture :(... )

My sister bought a pair of this mask. I asked for the other one to try it. The mask has cooling sensation upon putting it on the face. However, my face felt itchy while and after using it. Made no difference on my face. Too much essence on the sheet that it feels sticky after using it.

My verdict:
Packaging: 5/5 stars (very likey the package ;) )
Performance: 1/5 stars
Price: 5/5 stars (Php 50+)

I wanted to love this mask sheet because it is affordable and I believe aloe vera is good for acne-prone, oily skin type. I felt sad that it didn't do anything on my face.

Skin Food Herb Salad Mask Sheet

The first mask sheet I tried from Skin Food. I bought it over at ebay for around Php 60. This mask is for sensitive skin. Since my skin is oily and acne-prone type, I went ahead and bought it to try help ease the freaking acnes on my face. I have my monthly period just recently so my enemies showed up (hehehe).

The sheet has a cooling sensation and does not sting at all. It smells like a herb (obviously from the name) which I kinda like :) It didn't left me any itchiness feeling compare to the other two mask sheets i tried so far. Though it didn't shrink or decrease my acne but it soothes the pain from the acne.

My verdict:
Packaging: 5/5 stars...
Performance: 4/5 stars...
Price: 5/5 stars (Php 60+)...

With continued use I believe this will help me in fighting my enemies! :)

I am still in search for the best mask sheet on the market right now. I want to try the mask sheets from The Face Shop because I read and heard a lot of good reviews of the masks. Hope to get my hands on them soon... hehehe :)

Til next time!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Giveaway! Giveaway! Giveaway!

Who doesn't love giveaways? I personally love giveaways! The feeling of getting a free stuff at the same time winning it out of those who also wants it is fulfilling. Right now, one of my favorite site that I always visit everyday,Vivawoman, is giving away some free stuffs through it's August Giveaway Promo. If you want to win free stuffs all you have to do to is click this: Vivawoman Giveaway Promo

Hope you guys win!

Baboosh! :)

Friday, August 14, 2009

why create one?

Blogging is one of the hottest and fastest way to get into the so-called "Cyber World", a world full of excitements. I've been blogging since my college days as a requirement for my Philo class. But I've never gotten hooked on it. I just don't have the time to go to an internet shop or the computer lab to update once in awhile. I was already happy with my Friendster account at that time (geezz! this just reminds me how long that was...). Then, why the sudden creating one?

I've been reading a lot of blogs from bloggers around the Cyber World lately. I enjoy reading the stuff they blog. Sharing stuff that others can learn; enjoying what they are doing; and get to meet a lot of new friends. I like the idea that you can get to share ideas and information at the same time enjoying it with a friend that you may not be able to see personally. That simple common ground of understanding you can get from blogging gave me the idea to create one and get to know the world. I may not be able to travel the world literally, but i still got to do it.