Friday, October 9, 2009

Movie time: Surrogates and Yaya and Angelina

These passed two weeks was really a dreadful event for us Filipinos. You already knew what happened then. I just wished that this will be the last. Anyways, due to this I wasn't able to watched movie lately:( The only time I went out was last weekend! Thankfully the storm "Pepeng" (internationally known as "Parma") did not hit hard Manila. Though it was still raining that day but it wasn't that strong :) The weather was okay! So it was good to hit the local cinema for some relaxation and enjoyment.

I went out with my sisters to watched both the movies. We went to Megamall first to watch Surrogates. This film was based on a comic book where every human being have their own surrogates, which are robots in human form. They act as their human counterpart who controls them and interact with the world. It's a human isolation. Man seeks this robot in order for them to stay at home and be safe. Because these surrogates can move much better compare to man and they cannot feel pain no fear anything. Due to this, the criminal statistics was decreasing to almost 0%. It was an almost perfect world. Why almost? It's because there were still group of people who were against it. Bruce Willis lead the role in this movie.

My verdict:

Popcorn: 3.5/5 Popcorns

You know what's missing in this film, is the damn ACTION! I was expecting for actions in this film but I didn't get it that much. I thought this would be like the film I, Robot but is not! Totally disappointed for the lack of it. However, the story was really good. It shows that there really is no perfect in this world. Even the robots weren't perect. They do have their limitations.

I was supposed to watch this film on it's first week however due to Ondoy my plan was canceled. I watch this film at Robinson's Manila. Yes after we watch Surrogates we went to Rob just to watch this (lol!) I know we can watch it there but we decided to watch it in another cinema. We were actually thinking Trinoma however it was just too far from home. We love to watch movie in different moviehouse :)

This is a Filipino film and a movie version of the hit tv-segment of Bubble Gang, Yaya and Angelina. The film starred the funny tandem of Michael V as Yaya and Ogie Alcasid as Angelina. Both of them are really funny. I really enjoyed it. i was laughing the whole time.

My verdict:

Popcorn: 4/5 Popcorns

A family film worth watching especially this time after the depressing days we have. You will surely laugh out loud in this film :) Winner na Winner! (lol!)

Take care guys!


Anonymous said...

Hi Ayn!

You know, I first read your blog on the day you posted the Tea Tree Essence review, yes! :wink:

I subscribe to Google alerts on Skinfood posts so that I could read the thoughts of bloggers all over the world how Skinfood fares for them, lol. :grin:

Over here, we have been following the news too, do continue to stay safe ok!

ayn said...

thanks sis! i know how addicted you are to Skinfood (lol!) i love all of your reviews on skinfood... i always check your blog for any reviews on some items i'm thinking to get... they are always helpful :)

continue to share those reviews that are very informative and helpful :)

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