Monday, December 7, 2009

Review: Elianto Honey Cleansing Oil

Weekend just seem to pass by. The last thing I know I have to hurry to make it to our Monday/Weekly Flag Ceremony. This is the life of a government employee on a Monday ;) I really did not have a complete rest last weekend. I was out the whole two days. I even went to the office to do some overtimes :( But they are now just past and I have to move on :) (positive!) Anyways what better to do on a Monday is to review a product that I'm completely done with. What is this product? Did I like it? Will I buy it again? Without any further ado, let me introduce you to my cleansing oil for almost 6 months, Elianto Honey Cleansing Oil.

This is my first ever cleansing oil. I've never used cleansing oil before. Facial wash cleanser was enough for me. I thought this was for dry skin since it's an oil-based cleanser and my skin is oily. I was just laughing at it. Oil for an oily skin?!? No way! I was that naive then. One day out of clicking and clicking and clicking my mouse, I got to a site about cleansing oil. And boom! I got hooked up:)

Elianto Honey Cleansing Oil is a rinse-off oil-based cleanser especially formulated for quick and easy removal of long wearing makeup, clear skin impurities and clogged pores while maintaining skin's moisture and smoothness. This is for combination and oily skin. 

My say:
Performance: 4/5 stars
Package: 4/5
Price: 5/5

Yes, I've been using this for almost 6 months. I did like this cleanser. It is a decent make-up remover. It did not sting my eyes and no breakouts:) Well, there were times I broke out but I didn't blame this cleanser because it was plainly hormonal issue. My only problem with this is that there is an oily feeling after using it that you still need to use a facial wash after it. Well, it is written on the package also that you need to use a facial cleanser after using it. So this means, double-cleansing. The packaging was good but you need an extra bottle if you need to bring this along with you. This seems to be the problem with cleansing oil. They are not made for you to bring along :( This is way cheaper than Shu Uemura. I think I bought this at around Php500 with discount (on sale at that time, I just can't really remember the exact price). The question now: will i buy it again? Maybe. I just bought a new cleansing oil and it's Kose Softymo Speedy Cleansing Oil. I'll give my review on this cleansing oil soon. :)

Take care:)


Blair said...

I didn't know that Elianto has a cleansing oil! Sweetie, can you post the ingredient list please?

I have combo-oily, acne prone skin and the normal Gokujyun Lotion suits me well enough. You might want to give it a try =D

ayn said...

I'm sorry Blair, I have thrown it already. I should have put on the ingredients:(

oohhh... it does?!? I want to try it... I think I know someone who sell this locally... hmmm... better check on her :)