Friday, December 18, 2009

Skin Food Haul...

Finally the package has arrived :) I've been waiting for it like forever?!? (lol!) It's my Skin Food purchased all the way from Korea thanks to Ate Betchay of Buhay sa Korea.

 Skin Food stuffs :)

 The package...
It was address to my sister since she's the one who contacted Ate Betchay for it :)

These are some cute stuffs we got from her... Aren't they cute?!? :) 
Of course those phones are not included :)

I'm so happy when the package arrived. I already run out of my essence and there are some great stuffs to try (grins). I was also excited for the mini Skin Food Diary. They are really cute and what's best of all it's not in plain Korean language but English! If you want to learn about this Skin Food diary, check out Ate Betchay's blog about this.

So much party for me this week. Whew!
Enjoy your weekend guys :)

Take care!


Blair said...

Ayn! This is one fabulous mega haul!!!

Regrettably, I'm not a heels babe either!

Cacaopack said...


And you are the 3rd person I read having the dairy this week! Did I see correctly, you have 2?! I am expecting a package next week, I am hoping the diary would be included too, wish me luck :)

Oh yes, is that the goat milk and lavender sunscreen or face lotion? i have been searching for the sunscreen's english ingredient list.

ayn said...

@Blair: early Xmas present for myself perhaps?!? hahaha!
flats are just fabulous for me :)

@Cacaopack: hahaha! it's me and sister's orders... yes we got 2 diaries and i think we can get 3 however some stuffs were not available on the stores so she had to order it online... well i hope you get one as well... it's just so cute to have it and very handy :)

it's not the sunscreen or face lotion rather it's the stretch care cream... i'm very loyal to my neutrogena sunscreen :)

Cacaopack said...

wow, sisters sharing the same love for skinfood! so nice. i tried getting my sis to try but she is just not convince skinfood would be as good as counter brands. hahaha

ayn said...

my sisters love it! though it's very pricey here:( good thing you can buy cheaper one online:)

ayn said...
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Anonymous said...

hello ayn! tanong ko lang po kung pano nyo po binayaran si ate betchay kasi po bago lang po ako sa paypal, hindi ko po alam kung saan email ko po isend ung paypal.. help po please.. nagemail po sakin si ate betchay pero ndi po nya sinabi kung saan iemail isend ung paypal.. dun din po ba sa email na gamit nya nung nag reply sya? help please.. thank you po ayn.. ^_^ -kris

ayn said...

hi kris! pls send me your email add so that i could forward to you the necessary information... this is my email add:

HaNNa_HuLLaBaLoo said...

WOW! Now that's what I call a haul! So did u manage to use everything u've bought so far dear? ;)

I love skin food. My fave products are Herbal Sheet mask & Nail Cuticle Remover.Though I havent really tried their skincare range yet.