Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Movie time: 2012 and New Moon

The weekend was a short vacation for me. I have a four-day rest thanks to the long weekend holiday :) I was at home and got lots of sleep and rest from a very tiring week. I went shopping and watch finally New Moon :)  But first is my long overdue review on 2012.

I watched this film after the Pacquiao-Cotto fight. From Megamall, we went to Gateway just to watch this film. I know we could watch it at Megamall but we opted to a better cinema and I prefer Gateway cinema :) 2012 is a disaster film. It reminds me of Deep Impact, The Day After Tomorrow, Armageddon and among other disaster films. The story is based on the Mayan calendar where a transformative event will occur on or around December 21, 2012. So it's like the end of the world.
Popcorn: 5/5 popcorns

The film was really great. This is better watch on HD theaters or simply 2D :) I don't believe that it would be the end of the world on 2012. I still believe that there is still more to come in our lives. I don't think a tragic event as huge as this would occur soon. But we are heading to it if nothing would be change on our environment in terms of climate change. 

This is one of the films I've been waiting for this year. Yes, I love the Twilight series. Though I'm not done reading the entire series due to work but I'm almost done with it :) (hopefully this holiday break I'll be able to finish it all up) New Moon was my hatest least favorite of the series. I read the book for 3-4 months before I finished it up. It was so dragging that I always got bored reading it. I only like the part when Alice return to Forks. I was able to finish reading the book in a day then (thanks to Edward and Alice lol!) Yes I love the Cullens ;) They made me appreciate vampires. I was happy how the movie turn out. Yes it was mainly because of those beautiful abs of the wolves. Ooohhh they were really sexy but I'm still loyal to Edward (bleh:p)

Popcorn: 5/5 popcorns

I love Twilight! I can't wait for Eclipse next year. Thank God the film wasn't dragging unlike the book. I was afraid that it would turn out like that. Good thing it didn't :)

I know a lot of you have watched already this films. Did you like it? I did :)

Take care!


Blair said...

Eeep, I'm so outdated! I haven't watched either =(

ayn said...

go now to your nearest movie house... hahaha! :)

r4 dsi said...

New moon and 2012 both rocks but i really like new moon because i like jacob black..