Friday, November 20, 2009

Review: Alba Passion Nectar Lip Balm

Ever wanted that Angelina lips?!? Or at least a kissable lips?!? Well, I do! I bet it's on every girl's wish list to have that irresistible lips :) This is one of the reason I've been searching far and wide to look for the best lip care. I don't have an Angie lips but my lips are full enough :) But it lacks moisture and ends up being dry :( I prefer lipgloss over lipstick. My lips looks moisturize compare with using lipstick. But there were some days that I just want my lips free from these stuff and just want my natural lip color. This is the time that I grabbed my lip balm. I have used a lot of lip balms. None of them gave me a lasting impression :( What about this Alba Passion Fruit Nectar Lip Balm (whew!)? Does this made my HG then?

I bought this at Market, Market for less than Php200. It's made up of 82% certified organic ingredients. I consider this as an organic lip balm. And what's even good about this product is it wasn't tested on animals! Definitely an animal-friendly product :) I've been using this product for four (4) good months now. And I'm sad to say that it wasn't working well on me lately. I don't know what happened to it. When I started using it, my lips loves it! It really does moisturize my lips and no more dry, chapped lips. But lately I've been experiencing dry lips again :( This is the only lip product I've been using for the past four months. I have to wear this all the time to stopped my lips from drying. It's like after I drink I have to apply again! Urgh! This wasn't the case in the early months I'm uisng it. Even if I drink, my lips stayed moisturize. What happened to you Alba?!? I would love to call you my HG but then you're not keeping it up :( huhuhu

Price: 4/5 stars
Performance: 3.5/5 stars
Packaging: 4/5 stars

I like the packaging but my only problem is the cap can be tight that it's difficult to open it. There was a time the cap when flying out and ended up under the bed. I have to kneel down and search under my bed for the cap :( (hassle!) Overall, it wasn't the lip balm for me.This is good for those lips that do not dry all the time. When you just need a little moisture, you gotta have this. I just have to hold on to it first as I'm still looking for my next lip balm adventure :)

Take care guys :)