Monday, November 16, 2009

The King in the Ring

What a massive day it was! Every Filipino were on celebration mood yesterday. The number 1 Pound-to-Pound Boxer has once again proved to the whole world that he is the King in the Ring. Manny "Pacman" Pacquaio is the King after beating Miguel Cotto in the 12th round by TKO (technical knockout) . He is the new WBO Welterweight Champion at the same time it was his seventh belt. Thus, making him the first boxer to win seven titles in seven different weight divisions. Wow! What an achievement :)

I was privileged enough to watch the match Live! over at SM Cinema thanks to my ever generous sister ;) The main match started at around 11am. We got at the cinema at around 9:30 am. There were three matches before the main event. I just slept the whole time and asked my sister to wake me up if it is Pacquaio's fight already (hehehe). I'm not a boxing fanatic. There were only few boxing matches I watched. It is not a fun sport for me. But if it is Pacman fighting, it's another story. I remember in the cinema every time Pacman was shown everyone were cheering out. I felt the excitement inside the cinema. Everytime Pacman hits Cotto everybody cheer out with a "Yes!". If Pacman got cornered everyone would shout "Get out!". When he got hit by Cotto, it seems that everyone can feel the pain (lol!). Then when Cotto fell everyone where screaming with joy. Cotto fell twice and he was really hit hard by Pacman. His face was swollen and bleeding but he never gave up until the referee stopped the match.

The match was entertaining enough but it still lacks excitement. Cotto came out strong in the first two-three rounds. But Pacman was able to control the match until the end. I really hope for a KO as a result. I believed that Pacman can knockout Cotto especially in the last few rounds. Cotto was just dancing around the ring and he really looks in pain. He wasn't anymore going inside the ring to fight rather he's letting Pacman catch him. I know it's his strategy but hey dude you're a boxer. Why can't you fight like a real boxer facing his opponent in the center of the ring?!? Even Pacman got disappointed at him for dancing around the court. Everybody were laughing everytime he does it. He was wasting the time. But at least we got to learn a new move called The Cotto Dance! (lol!)

Again, the Filipino's pride once again unite us all Filipino. We were all in one in supporting and cheering him throughout his match. If only we could be like this everyday, our country will never be the same.


Anonymous said...

ahahaha.. i was there.. ;-)