Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Movie time: G-Force and The Face Shop Hauls

Finally G-Force was shown in the country! I've been waiting for this for the longest time. I was able to watch it first on a dvd copy (pirated :p) But still I catch it on the local 3D cinema. This is my second time to watch a film on a 3D format and I'm loving it :)

The film is about a group of guinea pig, a mole and a fly who were trained to become Special Agents of the FBI. The group launched out a secret mission (without authority from their superior) on a home electronics and appliance magnate, Leonard Saber, who is being investigated by the FBI for years. They were able to get an important file that can be an evidence against him. However, on the day they report about it, the file was just about a coffee maker. And since there was no authority to execute the said mission, the group was disband and the facility was shut down. The animals were ordered to be captured and will be put on experiment and be killed. The group was able to escape but ended up on a pet shop. On the pet shop, they met a guinea pig, a hamster and a group of mice who ended up being part of the team :) They tried to escape from the shop in order to bring back their group and proved that they got a significant information and be part of the FBI again.

My verdict:

Popcorn: 5/5 popcorns

A film for everybody! Better watch this film on a 3D format. You'll surely enjoy the 3D effects. Very entertaining :) I have fun watching this movie with my friends and sisters :)

After watching the film, we went over to Face Shop :) and these are some stuffs I got. I always wanted to try their face masks. I've read lots of good reviews of it. I'll give my thoughts on these stuffs after I try them :)

Another product that I got is The Face Shop Changpo Hair Coating Essence. Nikki of Askmewhats is raving this product. Actually she is raving the whole line (lol!) I thought to try first on this and if it is good for my hair before I ventured out to the whole line hehehe! I'll review on it soon :)

So what did you do last weekend? I hope you had fun like I do :)

Take care always guys!