Monday, January 31, 2011

Nature Republic Blemish Lab AC Powder

Powder is very important for an oily girl like me. It helps in keeping the skin matte and oil-free, at least half-the-day?!? Finding the right stuff is not that easy. I have used different brand of powder. Some satisfied me while others were a disappointment. But today  let me share to you my thoughts on the Nature Republic Blemish Lab Powder Pact.

 Nature Republic Blemish Lab AC Powder Pact SPF 30 PA++

Shade #21
blemish therapy line formulated with a non-irritating, potent pending pure vegetable extracts and AC complex, which treats acne and soothe breakouts
My say:
Performance: 3.5/5 stars
Packaging: 4/5 stars
Pricing: 3/5 stars

I'm so disappointed with this product. This is a product I won't getting again. This didn't help much with the oiliness of my skin. After a couple of hours using my skin is oily again. I was expecting this to be a good powder since it caters to those with blemish skin like mine. I think they did not taken into consideration the oily issue. Good thing this didn't broke me out nor any skin allergies :) Plus this powder helps in keeping away harmful rays from the sun thanks to its SPF 30. A good protection when you are staying indoor. Otherwise, you shouldn't have to rely on this and forget your sunblock. This has a low sun protection. I really like the design of this pact. It's so cool yet very feminine. The only downside is the puff. It's so hard to find a puff for this powder since most powder pact available here are either in round or square shape. I think I bought this at around Php 700 staright from Korea through a pre-order from Charmaine. I'm not getting this again since it can't keep my skin matte or oil-free at least for 4-hours. There are better powder out there and ones that I have already tried. I have already a new powder from Nature Republic also with the same style of packaging. Will give my thoughts on it soon :) 

Today is the last day of January 2011. God, time flies so fast! Enjoy :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Face Shop Clean Face White Post-Acne Brightening Serum

I was looking at my skincare stuffs earlier when I realized I haven't thrown a lot of it that were already empty. Then I realized I haven't shared my thoughts of it! Yikes! So I'll be reviewing some stuffs that I'm already done using for awhile. First in the list is the Face Shop Clean Face White Post-Acne Brightening Serum (whew!).

The Face Shop Clean Face White Post-Acne Brightening Serum

  • helps control blemishes and restore healthy skin tone
  • gentle brightening formula effectively fades post-acne marks
  • oil-free serum with patent blemish control ingredient gently exfoliates old flakes and reduces excess sebum that can clog pores and lead to breakouts. Brightens and evens out skin tone for quick recovery from post-acne dull skin tone. Gentle formula appropriate for daily use.

My say:
Performance: 3/5 stars
Packaging: 3.5/5 stars
Pricing: 3/5 stars

Honestly, I bought this thinking that it will help lighten up those post acne marks that I have. Though I read some good reviews, it didn't really end up good on me :( It didn't meet my expectations after using this for almost two months. It didn't help lightened up those ugly marks nor improved my skin condition. It didn't even gave me any brightening effect. But on the good note, it didn't break me out :) I used this every night before I sleep. It comes in a white glass, pump-type bottle. You can't see the serum inside so you wouldn't know how much of the product you have. It comes in a light, liquid, white texture that is easily absorbed by the skin. Though it's oil-free, it didn't help much in the oily skin issue I have. I bought this at around Php500 (I think!?!) at a local Face Shop store. I think this is cheaper if bought directly from Korea. I have no plan of buying this again since it doesn't work for me.

Happy Wednesday :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Etude House AC Clinic Acne Foam Cleanser

Hello Monday! Hello workday :( Good thing my boss wasn't around to bug me (hehehe!). He is on out-of-town meeting til Wednesday :) Yipee! Stress wasn't around this day. I hate it when I'm stressed out. Aside from the fact that I'm so tired at the end of the day, some bumps are trying to play with me. Good thing I have some counter-attack solutions. One of these, was my once upon a time facial cleanser, the Etude House AC Clinic Acne Foam Cleanser. This was my past cleanser until my sister stole it from me :(

The Etude House AC Clinic Acne Foam Cleanser

  • Formulated with Salicylic Acid, Triclosan and Sandalwood Oil, Acne Foam Cleanser removes acne causing germs to keep your skin clean all day. Ideal for use as makeup removal cleanser.
  • Non-Comedogenic & Dermatologist Tested 
    • 'Non-Comedogenic' means it will not produce nor aggravate acne. AC Clinic line is formulated without acne-inducing ingredients to promote clear skin. 
  •  Active Ingredients: Triclosan and Sandalwood Oil
(description taken from Etude House website
My say:
Performance: 4/5 stars
Packaging: 4/5 stars
Pricing: 4/5 stars

I like this cleanser! I was mad at my sister when she took this with her  to our hometown without my consent. This was my only cleanser at that time so I don't have anything in my beauty arsenal at that time. Good thing she left her cleanser which I will also review soon. This cleanser is a good cleanser which helps in fighting those attacking bumps and existing ones. It removes dirt very well but it is a bit drying. It is okay because I didn't have any break out at all plus I put a good moisturizer after. The packaging is a bit big which isn't really a great thing to bring along. I wish they make a smaller version so that I could easily bring it with me on my next travel. I bought this from an excellent steal together with the toner. It was around Php200 for both the cleanser and toner :) Though this is sold for around Php400 at local Etude House store (will check for its exact price soon). Though I like this cleanser, I'm not sure if I'll buy this again. First the price is a bit expensive for a cleanser but if bought in Korea this is really cheap. Secondly, this can be drying. Lastly, I think there are still better cleanser out there which works well and cheaper compare to this. But I am not closing my doors to getting this. If they could have a smaller one then I'll be glad to buy one :)

What a day it was! I love it when you end your day stress-free :) I still have two-days to enjoy it (hehehe!).

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Am I Late?!?

Am I late to greet you guys a Happy 2011?!? Well it may since it's almost two-weeks since 2011 says hello and here I am greeting you guys just now. But then it's better to be late than never  (ahem... excuses! hahaha). Today is 01-11-11, a day full of one, to be exact 5 ones. Since its a new year, a new set of goals to be done this year must be made. So here are my so-called new year resolutions :)

1) Finding a new interest/hobby

I am thinking of getting into my reading habit once again. I haven't read complete book for awhile now :( The last one I read was Twilight: Breaking Dawn. That was like a long-time ago! Good thing my friend, gave me a book as his Xmas gift to me. The book is entitled, The Insiders. I've been reading it lately and it is interesting. It wasn't any book that I have read before. Thanks Egan :) I'm also trying to finish up two books by Jude Deveraux. But I think I'll do this one at-a-time so that I could completely finish it up. 

I'm also thinking of giving cooking a chance. I'm not confident when it comes in cooking. I only know how to cook rice and fried foods. I want to broaden up my knowledge and improve my skill on cooking. Who knows I might become a good cook (hehehe!).

2) SAVE!!!

I need to save up, financially, or else I'll always end up broke. When emergency arises, at least I know I have some to use. I have to limit myself from buying unnecessary stuff. Try to be thrifty!

3) Focus or Laziness...

Focus, I need you... Laziness, goodbye! It's time for me to have that discipline and stop lazing around. I need to have all the energy and positive vibe this year. I need to give focus on my work and thrive hard to always meet my colleagues/boss expectations. Meeting deadline is my number one priority at work right now. If I'm able to do this then stress is not here to stay.

4) Exercise and a Healthy-Diet Plan

I've been inconsistent when it come to this. I entirely skipped this in my life. With my current condition, I think this is the best time to do this and not put it on hold again. Jogging every weekend will help me a lot to condition myself for the new week coming. At the same time, it will definitely help me in losing (a lot of) weights and living a healthy lifestyle. I'm making a progressive chart for this to know how far my improvement on this. Plus summer is coming so I need to go in shape in time for those beach getaways :)

5) Blog more!!!

I've been MIA lately and I don't want to do this anymore this year. I'm miss doing this almost everyday. I love to update my blog everyday to share to you guys my thoughts on a lot of things. I promise (hope I won't break it) to write as much as I can :)

There are a lot of things to share and learn this year. May this year give us full of happiness and fulfillment :)