Saturday, March 27, 2010

60 minutes of your time...

It was just 60 minutes. Is it that long? Well it's equivalent to 1 hour so it is still that long (hehehe!). But can you give up 1 hour of your time to change something? Well I can if that would mean a huge difference in my life and to others. And that what happened an hour ago. A big difference that could change us all.

8:30pm-9:30pm was the International Earth Hour. This started in Sydney when 2.2 million  homes and businesses participated in turning off their lights to make a stand on Climate Change. This event lead to one huge stand by the entire world. One hour every year this happen. One hour to turn off our lights at home and take part on this wonderful event. This could help a lot in our environmental issue. For that time we had help some polar bears  to still live :) I hope this is just the beginning for a better world. I'm glad I took part of it. Even just for one hour I am able to help conserve energy and save our planet Earth :) A small difference that will become BIG in the future. Just like how Sydney did it. One city to one world :)

Did you guys turn off your lights? Hope you did and hope you'll do it also :)

Take care guys!


Friday, March 26, 2010

Shu Uemura Sweet Lip Gloss

Hey y'all! I hope you guys are having fun on Friday. Well so far I do:) No boss to annoy me (lol) and its weekend by 5pm later :) Yahoo! I'll completely enjoy this weekend ;)

Before the weekend starts, let me share to you the lip gloss that I'm currently using. It's been with me for more than 4 months I think (I just can't completely remember the date I bought it, Sowee!) and I'm loving it so much :) This lip gloss is not my first lip gloss but the first product I bought from the Japanese brand Shu Uemura. We all know how expensive Shu is, so when I saw this from one blog (I also can't remember whose blog was it, Sowee!) which was on S-A-L-E, you know how thrilled and excited I was to grab this without thinking twice. Finally a product from Shu! Yey!

My say:
Performance: 5/5 stars
Packaging: 4.5/5 stars
Price: 5/5 stars

The product name is Shu Uemura Sweet Lip Gloss in Strawberry. I love this so much! I like how non-sticky it is. It makes my lips look gorgeous and kissable (Well, that's my own prerogative, hehehe!). I love the color. It's staying power lasts for me more or less 4-5 hours. I drink lots of water yet the gloss is still there :) Truly an amazing lip gloss :) I gave 5 for the price since I got this on sale but probably would give 3 if it wasn't. The packaging wasn't appealing for me since I don't like tube-type lip gloss. But then since this captured my heart I can't forgive it for that (hahaha!). I used this after my Skin Food lip balm which I'll review soon. I love the combo of the two. It's like perfect combination :) I hope Shu will go on sale so that I could get this or other shades perhaps ;)

 swatch of the gloss

closer look :)

Have you tried this lip gloss? Did you like it? Or do you have better lip gloss then this? Share!!!

Take care guys and enjoy your weekend!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Derm Factor Whitening Day Cream Gel

I have always dream to have a clearer and fairer complexion. Not like Snow White since I don't want to be that white like her but a glowing skin then :) Having a clear and smooth skin is not easy. It takes a lot of patience and extra effort just to attain it. Though some are gifted with beautiful skin while others a just unlucky. And sad to say I'm still looking for my luck on it :( 

There are a lot of whitening products in the market today and they come in different forms. Finding the right one is so difficult that you'll end up wasting your hard-earned money. And one of the product that I can say a waste of my money is the Derm Factor Whitening Day Cream Gel. 

My say: 
Performance: 2/5 stars
Package: 3/5 stars
Price: 2/5 stars

I bought this cream-gel since I need a whitening product that will help lighten my acne scars. It's more or less Php600 (I just can't remember the exact amount). It comes in a small bottle with a plastic lid. I don't like this kind of packaging because of hygienic issue. Sad to say it didn't do anything on my face. I'm almost done with it at the same time I have used it for more than 4 months already. No lightening nor it made my skin fairer a bit. It's still the same (ugh!). I find this useless. And I still have a back up! (tsktsktsk... impulsive buying?!?) The good side of this product is that I didn't break out nor cause any new acne :) It holds my oily skin for a few hours and it has a SPF 30 sun protection.

There is no way I'm going to buy this again. I don't even know what to do with my back up. There are a lot of better whitening cream in the market. All I need to do is hunt it down hehehe :)

 It's a cream but in gel type...

What's your favorite whitening product that really works?

Take care guys:)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Olay Body Ultra Mositure Body Wash (Shea Butter)

It's been awhile since my last post. Too many things to be done and should still be done in the coming days. Yes, I was/am very busy that I don't even have the time to update my blog :( Good thing my boss wasn't around today so I'm in my "petiks-mode", a term I learned while working in the call center industry meaning doing nothing or resting when one is supposed to be busy working. Hehehe, so lazy of me (lol!)

I've been meaning to write a review on this new favorite body wash of mine :) I think this could be my HG body wash then. This body wash is none other than Olay Body Ultra Moisture Body Wash with Shea Butter. I have tried different body wash but this leaves me with a big smile on my face :)

Olay Body Ultra Moisture Body Wash with Shea Butter gives you nourished, beautiful skin with

           soap-free formula for gentle cleansing

           nourishing Olay moisturizers enhanced with shea 
           butter penetrate deep with in the surface to 
           condition the driest skin for up to 24 hours

       clean rinsing
           keeps in moisture and has a clean rinse

My say:

Performace: 5/5 stars
Package: 5/5 stars
Price: 4/5 stars

I have used some Olay products before and I never had a problem with it. It does live up to its name. I bought this body wash (more or less Php 250) for the reason that I don't want to bring a soap on our Pansol trip. Good thing I bought this because I really love it. It works well but can't say if it keeps the driest part in your body at bay for 24 hours. The driest part in my body is my feet. I can't say if it does keep it moisture the whole day since I used a foot lotion after. I like the after-shower-feel when using this. And since I love the smell of shea butter products, the scent was really great that I can't stop sniffing once in awhile on this product (lol! so addicting) So yummy scent :) There is a soap bar counterpart of this body wash. I have used it before and I loved it also. 

So what's your recent favorite body wash? Mine is definitely this one :)
Take care guys!