Monday, October 26, 2009

A Hero for the Kids

Do you know Efren Peñaflorida? Personally, I don't! I've never met him in my entire life. But I got to know him in a simple way through a link that my friend sent to me.

He is an advocater; a believer; and a teacher! He was one of the founder of the Dynamic Teen Company, a group of concerned young people with a mission of making a small yet significant difference in other people’s lives, particularly the small children in slum areas who have no access to education, basic hygiene and sometimes, even love from their families. They do community service and reach out to kids who are walking on the wrong path and those who can't get to school at all. They just simply share and help these kids to learn basic knowledge and keep them away from doing wrong things (like drugs and joning gang group).

Such a simple mission yet a huge helped for these kids. Kuya Ef as what he is fondly called, was featured on CNN and Mel and Joey. Advocating on the rights of every Filipino children. He believes that there is a bright future for these children. He gives time to teach the less fortunate ones by giving them a simple lesson to read and write. He inspired me a lot on what he is doing to the Filipino children and I believed he was able to touch the world with his campaign. He made it to compete on CNN Hero of the Year and I'm asking you guys to vote for him as a simple way to give him recognition to what he is doing. I just did vote and will vote again! ;) He is moving the chidren for a better future. This will also help him a lot if he wins it. CNN will give $100,000 to the winner and this will be a big time help for Kuya Ef. This would mean additional fund for his organization and more means to help the children. And perhaps soon he will not anymore use a push-cart in bringing his stuffs for the children. You can also donate directly to the organization by clicking the link below:

And again vote for Efren Peñaflorida!

Take care guys!