Friday, July 23, 2010

Sun Guard: Biore Perfect Face Milk

Finally I'm able to update my blog :) It was hell this past weeks as a storm hit the country plus the tight schedule work I have. But then that is past so I need to move on and be thankful to God that I'm still surviving and updating my blog (hehehe!).

Rainy season is here. No more sun or should I say there will be less sun. Of course the sun doesn't leave us rather we just rotate around it (elementary science, remember?!? hehehe). Does this mean sun rays ain't that harsh anymore? So is it okay not to wear sunblock anymore? Simple answer, NO! and NO! No matter what there will always be the sun. It's rays will always be harmful to us that is why a good sun defense is needed for the rest of our lives. And sunblock will always be the best weapon against it :) My current favorite sunblock is Biore Perfect Milk Face SPF 50PA+++.

Biore Perfect Face Milk SPF 50 PA+++

My say:
Performance: 5/5 stars
Pricing: 4/5 stars
Packaging: 4.5/stars

I love this sunblock so much that I bought a back up right away which I ended up giving to my sister :( But I'll buy again soon since this is available locally but only through online shops. This is best for oily skin babes like me. It doesn't leave any greasy feel nor greasy look. It has a watery texture and in color white yet no white cast since it blends well with the skin. It is a good make-up base since it gives a matte finish. Perfect if you're in hurry because it acts as two products in one (sunblock and primer/make-up base). There is an alcohol scent to it but very light and bearable. No break out for me! I bought this for Php550 at TLC shop through a pre-order but you can buy this readily at wehaveit43 with the same price. I believe this is much cheaper if bought directly from Japan. The price is not a big issue to me since it works very well :) I like the packaging since it fits in my bag perfectly. It is small and quite slim which fits also in my purse :)  I only wish that it comes in a transparent container so that at least I would know if I am running out of it.

No matter if it is raining or sunny or your at home away from the sun, you still need to arm yourself with sunblock. Even the lights at our homes can harm our poor skin. So make it a habit to put on sunblock into your daily life :)

Have a wonderful weekend ahead :)


Din said...

Hi, may I know which online shop did you order this? :)