Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Innisfree Herb No Sebum Powder - Mint

Loose powder or compact pressed one?!? I've always been a user of pressed powders. They are definitely easy to carry and handle around. No messing around for me :) However, lately I've opened my heart (?!?hehehe) for those loose ones. One product that I had been admiring is the Innisfree Herb No Sebum Powder - Mint.

Innisfree Herb No Sebum Powder - Mint

 a talc-based compact powder made from herbs effectively controls sebum and gives a minty, smooth feel

My say:
Performance: 4/5 stars
Packaging: 4/5 stars
Pricing: 3.5/5 stars

Loose powder could definitely be messy compared to the compact ones. Of course, we don't want any powder on our clothes, don't we?!? But there will always be an exception to those that makes a difference like this Innisfree powder. I love this tiny (only 5 gms) little powder :) It may be small but it's awesome! This a great powder for oily babes like me. Less greasy even after a couple of hours of use. Though it doesn't keep me shine-free the whole day, at least for half-day my skin is still less greasy :) I love the slight minty feel and scent which is kinda cool and aromatic. After all its in the name: Mint and Herb. There is only one shade which is white. So careful on using it or else you'll look like a geisha or worst, a clown (hehehe!). However, a little goes a long way. This powder comes in a small green-plastic-round container with puff inside. This is really small that I wish they'll have a bigger one with some color to choose from. But I don't mind with the white one ;) I bought this for only Php 365 at a pre-order spree from my suki. I think I have finished two of this before using another one. I might buy the new one which is No Sebum Mineral Powder instead of this. But will definitely in my list of favorites :)

Whatever forms powder may come, so long as its help in keeping me shine-free, will always have a place in my heart :) Enjoy!