Monday, May 2, 2011

Weekend Haul: Hair Care

Buying stuff for my hair is growing in me. I rarely go to salon to have my hair treated. I always on the look out for DIY or stuff that I can use while at home. It's cheaper and relaxing since I could do it in the comfort of our home. Yesterday, I went out buying some hair masks that would last me for a few weeks.

Cream Silk, Rejoice, L'Oreal and Shine Moist

It's all in sachet except for the Shine Moist. I love products that comes also in small sachet to try out their product first. At least I don't have to splurge myself on them first if they end up being bad to me. In this way, I know which one is right for me. I'll review this babies once I'll try them out.

It's Monday! Thank God I survived it. Hopefully the same with the rest of the week :)