Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Am I Late?!?

Am I late to greet you guys a Happy 2011?!? Well it may since it's almost two-weeks since 2011 says hello and here I am greeting you guys just now. But then it's better to be late than never  (ahem... excuses! hahaha). Today is 01-11-11, a day full of one, to be exact 5 ones. Since its a new year, a new set of goals to be done this year must be made. So here are my so-called new year resolutions :)

1) Finding a new interest/hobby

I am thinking of getting into my reading habit once again. I haven't read complete book for awhile now :( The last one I read was Twilight: Breaking Dawn. That was like a long-time ago! Good thing my friend, gave me a book as his Xmas gift to me. The book is entitled, The Insiders. I've been reading it lately and it is interesting. It wasn't any book that I have read before. Thanks Egan :) I'm also trying to finish up two books by Jude Deveraux. But I think I'll do this one at-a-time so that I could completely finish it up. 

I'm also thinking of giving cooking a chance. I'm not confident when it comes in cooking. I only know how to cook rice and fried foods. I want to broaden up my knowledge and improve my skill on cooking. Who knows I might become a good cook (hehehe!).

2) SAVE!!!

I need to save up, financially, or else I'll always end up broke. When emergency arises, at least I know I have some to use. I have to limit myself from buying unnecessary stuff. Try to be thrifty!

3) Focus or Laziness...

Focus, I need you... Laziness, goodbye! It's time for me to have that discipline and stop lazing around. I need to have all the energy and positive vibe this year. I need to give focus on my work and thrive hard to always meet my colleagues/boss expectations. Meeting deadline is my number one priority at work right now. If I'm able to do this then stress is not here to stay.

4) Exercise and a Healthy-Diet Plan

I've been inconsistent when it come to this. I entirely skipped this in my life. With my current condition, I think this is the best time to do this and not put it on hold again. Jogging every weekend will help me a lot to condition myself for the new week coming. At the same time, it will definitely help me in losing (a lot of) weights and living a healthy lifestyle. I'm making a progressive chart for this to know how far my improvement on this. Plus summer is coming so I need to go in shape in time for those beach getaways :)

5) Blog more!!!

I've been MIA lately and I don't want to do this anymore this year. I'm miss doing this almost everyday. I love to update my blog everyday to share to you guys my thoughts on a lot of things. I promise (hope I won't break it) to write as much as I can :)

There are a lot of things to share and learn this year. May this year give us full of happiness and fulfillment :)