Monday, January 17, 2011

Etude House AC Clinic Acne Foam Cleanser

Hello Monday! Hello workday :( Good thing my boss wasn't around to bug me (hehehe!). He is on out-of-town meeting til Wednesday :) Yipee! Stress wasn't around this day. I hate it when I'm stressed out. Aside from the fact that I'm so tired at the end of the day, some bumps are trying to play with me. Good thing I have some counter-attack solutions. One of these, was my once upon a time facial cleanser, the Etude House AC Clinic Acne Foam Cleanser. This was my past cleanser until my sister stole it from me :(

The Etude House AC Clinic Acne Foam Cleanser

  • Formulated with Salicylic Acid, Triclosan and Sandalwood Oil, Acne Foam Cleanser removes acne causing germs to keep your skin clean all day. Ideal for use as makeup removal cleanser.
  • Non-Comedogenic & Dermatologist Tested 
    • 'Non-Comedogenic' means it will not produce nor aggravate acne. AC Clinic line is formulated without acne-inducing ingredients to promote clear skin. 
  •  Active Ingredients: Triclosan and Sandalwood Oil
(description taken from Etude House website
My say:
Performance: 4/5 stars
Packaging: 4/5 stars
Pricing: 4/5 stars

I like this cleanser! I was mad at my sister when she took this with her  to our hometown without my consent. This was my only cleanser at that time so I don't have anything in my beauty arsenal at that time. Good thing she left her cleanser which I will also review soon. This cleanser is a good cleanser which helps in fighting those attacking bumps and existing ones. It removes dirt very well but it is a bit drying. It is okay because I didn't have any break out at all plus I put a good moisturizer after. The packaging is a bit big which isn't really a great thing to bring along. I wish they make a smaller version so that I could easily bring it with me on my next travel. I bought this from an excellent steal together with the toner. It was around Php200 for both the cleanser and toner :) Though this is sold for around Php400 at local Etude House store (will check for its exact price soon). Though I like this cleanser, I'm not sure if I'll buy this again. First the price is a bit expensive for a cleanser but if bought in Korea this is really cheap. Secondly, this can be drying. Lastly, I think there are still better cleanser out there which works well and cheaper compare to this. But I am not closing my doors to getting this. If they could have a smaller one then I'll be glad to buy one :)

What a day it was! I love it when you end your day stress-free :) I still have two-days to enjoy it (hehehe!).


Anonymous said...

I'm always on the lookout for a new cleanser. Maybe I will try this. :D

ayn said...

^go and try it! you won't regret it... hahaha!

ariola_1994 said...

Where did you buy it for only P200? :)