Friday, February 25, 2011

A New Interest

It's been awhile since I have updated my blog :( Work has been overtaken me. Good thing I found some time to visit today :) However I won't be reviewing anything rather I'll share to you something that I have been doing lately. Remember my 5 goals for this year?!? Well my number 1 goal is to find a hobby or interest and I found one in bento-making.  
Bento is a popular traditional Japanese lunchbox. It is the art of making a lunchbox in the Japanese way. 
Yes I've been emerging myself in doing a bento meal for me and my sister everyday. It is not easy but it is fun. A lot of changes were considered. Time is on the top of my list. Before I usually wake up 6-6:30 in the morning but now I have to wake up at least an hour earlier than that or else this won't be possible. I was able to do this successfully though there were a couple of times that I have to take a break like today. Yes, I didn't made any bento for today. Let me share to you what I did yesterday then.

little octopus on my bento

I don't really have a theme here except that I just want to have a simple yet fun looking meal. I got the idea on the little octopus from an Indonesian bento-maker blogger. I'm sorry but I forgot to take note the site; will look for it again and update you with it :) Bento-food: two kind of rice: adobo and carrot rice, chicken adobo with baby potatoes, fried potatoes, tomatoes and carrots. I'm not an expert in cooking but I can cook basic food and with a recipe to follow (hehehe!). I hope with this new interest I'll be able to practice well my cooking skill then :)

This isn't the first bento I made. I think this is just the one that is cuter from all of them (hehehe!). Will try to post more bento meal of mine. But don't expect yet an extravagant bento soon since I'm still in the beginner's phase :) I hope you all like it and have fun this weekend!