Friday, May 28, 2010

Shine Keeper: Skin Food Green Grape Fresh Light Pact

Oily skin can be a curse. No matter what you do to keep those oils away, it keeps on coming back :( In times like this, a good powder pact is needed to keep them at bay. Since I wrote on my last powder pact blog that I'll venture on different pacts, on top of my lists to try is the Skin Food Green Grape Fresh Light Pact.

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This lightweight pact containing green grape extract creates a natural-looking, clear skin tone, with its fine, soft particles made using air jet mill technology. 
My say:
Performance: 4/5 stars
Packaging: 5/5 stars
Pricing: 4/5 stars

This is a great powder for touch ups. It's very light thus doesn't cake up and gives a smooth finish :) No oily skin for almost 4 hours which is fine with me since I do touch ups after lunch and before going home. I used this after my bb cream and I have no worries if it will cake up since it's very light and the color perfectly match with my bb cream that it naturally blends well with it. I got #21 and I have a fair-to-medium skintone. In times I don't wear my bb cream (especially when I'm late), I noticed that it helps a bit in hiding my pores. It smells a bit of grape scent and more of that citrus scent. Amazing compact case! It doesn't break easily. I read on cacaopack that the case is very durable. I tried to toss and throw it around and dropped it for like 100 times yet the case remain intact :) Nothing broke on the case but I did this when I got to finish up the powder or else I think the powder itself will break. The puff has a separate case which acts like a barrier between the puff and powder. I like this for hygienic purposes. Overall, I love this pact and would definitely recommend this for oily babes like me :) I bought this at around Php 650 and I think its a good buy since it works well! Right now, I'm using a Face Shop pact which I'll review soon. I'll definitely buy this again soon :)

Happy Friday! Take care :)


Anonymous said...

hi, youve bought this for 650 only? may i know where? because others say it's 1,000 plus...