Friday, March 11, 2011

Nature Republic Scalsys Shampoo And Conditioner

Keeping my hair healthy is important to me. Healthy hair means beautiful hair :) No doubt about it! That is why I'm always on the constant look for hair products that will work wonders on my crowning glory. Of course I have to ask myself first: what is my hair problem or issue? 

My hair has always been bad to me. I have thick, dry, wavy hair before I got it rebonded. Right now my hair is showing signs of curliness (it's time for a visit to my salon), dryness and thinning. Yes, I'm having some hair loss problem :( Aside from this my scalp is oily and easily get dandruff :( So I need a shampoo and conditioner that fights dandruff, moisturize my hair and keep it strong. I don't need a shampoo that promises straighter hair (for the curliness) when you know that it won't straighten it at all. I also need something to tame those untamed ones. Did I found one? Well, today I'll review hair products, shampoo and conditioner to be specific, that's been lying in my cabinet for awhile. If I didn't clean my cabinet like two-weeks ago, I wouldn't find this at all nor remember it. I think it is waiting to be reviewed (hehehe!).

 Nature Republic Scalsys Refresh Shampoo and Conditioner

Hair products line based with herbal extracts that heals and nourishes damaged scalp.

My say
Performance: 2/5 stars
Packaging: 2/5 stars
Pricing: 3/5 stars

Nature Republic had a massive summer sale last June 2010. I got this on sale (I'm not sure if its 30% or 50% off) via one of my fave online store: kkochipida. Since I have been having issue on my oily scalp at that time, I was on hunt on new hair products for scalp problem. Good thing this was on sale so I grabbed the opportunity then. So how was it? Since I was very much accustomed to the minty feel of using Head and Shoulder Green Menthol Shampoo, I was expecting for a minty feel too upon application. I was disappointed because there weren't that much minty action. Well I can't blame it since it did not say any cool menthol included. Probably because of the word Refresh on its name. That freshness after using it, wasn't really a fresh feeling but it was okay. The conditioner is also okay in moisturizing my hair. But then I need more especially the lower part due to dryness :( Over all this is just an okay shampoo but in getting those dandruff away is a no-no. I think my trusty Head and Shoulder is still on top. Though I have used one from Elianto before but I forgot to review it since my sister took it without my permission from my cabinet. The next thing I know its empty :( But the few times I used it, I did like it. I'll probably get one soon :) As for the packaging, I did not expect this to be that huge or should I say stout. The bottom part of the bottle is rounded that makes it huge and doesn't really fits inside my little bath basket :( If only they'll just make it slimmer and taller rather than short yet stout :-/ It comes in a pump-type bottle.

As I am writing this, the news on the devastation of a tsunami due to the 8.9-magnitude earthquake that hits Japan is everywhere. I pray for the Japanese people to be able to find strength to stand up again. Though I know they can :) Be safe everybody!


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