Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sample Review: Laneige Pore Tightening Essence

Happy Easter Sunday to y'all! The long weekend is about to end :( Tomorrow is the beginning of another stress-week. Ugh! It will definitely be a busy week ahead. Anyway, today I'll review a product which I got to use for like twice only. Why?!? Well, it's just a sample and it's worth mentioning it here :)

Laneige Pore Tightening Essence

Essence that forms tightened and soft skin by pore tightening effect.
  • Paekjain, licorice and clove buds extracts control sebum secretion to provide pore tightening effect.
  • Powder ingredient absorbs excessive sebum and prevents greasy skin.
  • Silicon polymers provides silky texture with invisible pores after use.
  • Milk protein forms elastic and healthy skin.
My say:
Performance: 4/5 stars
Packaging: 3/5 stars
Pricing:  3/5 stars

I so love this! Just like the Water Bank Essence, this product works wonders on my skin. With this one, my skin feels a bit tight and matte. Yes, no oil feel after and it is excellent in combating oiliness. My skin stayed oil-free for longer hours. Though my T-zone were a bit oily then but they weren't that usual greasy at all. Paper blot is enough for them. My skin were less oily! Definitely an excellent essence for oily people. No allergies nor new bumps :) However, I think this isn't moisturizing enough for my combi skin :( I still need a good moisturizer. I think this packaging comes in a glass bottle pump-type. I can't really say much until I get my hands on it. I think this is sold more than Php1000 in local Laneige store. Though I have only used it twice since it's just a sample, those times were enough for me to be convinced to get the product soon.

Happy egg hunting! :)