Thursday, July 29, 2010

Shine Keeper: The Face Shop Span Matte Compact Powder

Wow tomorrow would be Friday! That means its the last day for the week. Time is flying so fast the next thing you know its weekend then its Monday again (hahaha!). This week is pretty stressful since deadlines were everywhere :( I don't want to think about it for awhile so let me immerse in this little home I have over at cyberspace :)

It's nice to be able to finish a product. You know that it did somehow work for you. In my case, I usually finish a product if it works fine with me like no breakout and a bit of improvement. I sometimes finish something just because I need to get the worth of my money (hahaha!). One product that I'm done with is The Face Shop Span Matte Compact Powder.

 my doggie-doggie likes it :)

The Face Shop Span Matte Compact Powder

  • Inspired by water drops this light-weight base makeup line is formulated with tropical fruits that prevents allergy and dryness.
  • Containing silicon this powder gives sheer natural looking coverage with high water retention. Skin looks clean and polished all day never cakey. Sheer to Medium coverage.

My say:
Performance: 5/5 stars
Packaging: 4/5 stars
Pricing: 4/5 stars

This is a good pact and I'm happy that I have tried this. It does its job in keeping my skin away from that ugly oiliness. It keeps shine-free up to 4 hours :) That is okay for me since I always do retouch every after 4 hours and it doesn't cake up. No break out for me :) Well I did break out when using this but I do not blame this pact since its totally hormonal issue. I got the number 21 shade and it perfectly fits my skin shade. Its very light that it gives a transparent color thus blending well with my skin :) I do like the design of the pact. Its comes in a petal-like pact case and it's in color pink! The only downside is the case that separates the puff from the powder. It comes with a plastic that wasn't built with the case. It can be inconvenient and less hygienic since you have to completely remove the case and there are tendency it could fall down on a dirty surface and thus you have to clean it :( I wish they made a built-in separate case just like the other pact I had. I bought this for almost Php 600 (I'm not quite sure) at local face Shop stores.

I hope tomorrow would be less stressful. Enjoy your Thursday night :)


Shanghainese Dumpling said...

Thank you for the review, this will be great for our Australia up coming summer :)

blushingpossum said...

Nice post! This is truly, a summer essential :)