Sunday, July 11, 2010


It's very late by the time I'm writing this down. I need to sleep now since tomorrow is the start for work-week. Horrible Monday is coming in less than an hour :( What's even more sadder is that I can't update my blog for awhile in the office since they cut out our internet connection in the office. Well they'll bring it back after I get to request for it. I'll leave that to my acting-boss (since my real-boss is on leave for a year) to do the necessary things. Well I wish and I hope they'll give me back the connection soon (cross-fingers). I don't feel going to the office tomorrow. I want to stay home and be lazy the whole day. I'm thinking now if I'll go to work. My-my-my! Decision should be made now. Ugh! I'm torn between two things. I need to go to work because I have a deadline to meet. I don't need to go to work since there is an issue raised by PNoy that what I'm doing would just end up to be a waste. Well I'm currently doing the payroll system of our Daily-Waged (Casual) employees. Well it is due by the end of the month. With the new government we have in the country, there is a strong belief that these casual employees will be relieved from their work. And it's been speculated that it will be by next month. I don't really know how to react when I heard this. I want to scream but with happiness? Since I don't need to get serious with my system anymore and stop doing what I'm doing. With agony? I've been working on this system for more than a year already and it will all be just a waste! With sadness? More than 300 people will lose their job. And most of them are breadwinners. I really don't know and I just want the truth now since I'm also not at ease with it. Waaahhhh! I wish they could tell me now what is going on or what will really happen. There are other works I need to do also. I have three systems with me and two are needed by the end of the month. Though the payroll system is much important compare to the other one. But in this case I don't know which one I'll need to put more effort. I don't know why I'm ranting right now. Maybe because these are my deep thoughts as of the moment and I need to get it out so that at least I could feel at ease, don't you think so?

Well I think I just go to the office, unless my menstrual cramps will stop me (hehehe, 2nd day is the worst!), and face my work. I'll just get through with the system whether it will be used or not. I'll also give more time to the other system so that I could finish it soon (I hope this week). Life is so complicated! I hope I could get over this soon :) (Please Lord...)

Take care guys! :)