Friday, June 25, 2010

Sun Guard: Biore Perfect Milk Sunblock SPF 50 PA+++

I've been MIA for awhile because I had just my three-days vacation to one of the fantastic and most sought-after vacation destination in the country. It's none other than the beautiful Boracay :) It was my first time to visit this wonderful island and it's been almost three years since I have been to the beach. It was so serene and I just can't stop smiling when I got there. I was so excited days before it that I 101% prepared for it. I planned every thing that I will do in the island and the stuff that I needed to bring. On top of my list is an effective and reliable sunblock. I want something that is not greasy, easy to apply, can be carried  around, high spf (of course!), and comes in good price. I searched over the web for some reviews on sunblocks. Read thoughts of gtalkers on the best sunblock to bring to the beach. There were a lot of suggestions that you'll end up still confused what to bring. Then I looked on to my beauty arsenal and saw my current favorite (and HG) sunblock, Biore. That made me realized that they do have one for the face and body and is waterproof! Yes, I ended up buying the Biore Perfect Face Milk SPF 50PA+++ sunblock.

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My say:
Performance: 5/5 stars
Packaging: 4.5/ stars
Pricing: 4/5 stars

Totally effective! I am so happy I bought this :) This is the perfect (so far) sunblock to use if your heading to the beach. It has a thin, liquid-type texture and it is easy to apply then. It doesn't have that strong sunblock scent. It doesn't leave any white cast even though I have apply a lot on my face. It doesn't give any greasy look nor greasy feeling. This is waterproof and had a staggering SPF 50! This is definitely great to use on the beach since we need higher SPF if you're in the beach. This help me not get any sunburn :) My skin didn't got that too dark. I just got one shade darker than my usual color. But no one really notice that color change. I like the packaging of this product. It is easy to carry on because it is quite slim and a bit smaller which fits exactly to my small water case/bag. I am very happy I bought this. I bought this at wehaveit43 store which is located at Quezon City for Php 550. I'm sure this is a lot cheaper if bought in Japan. But then again considering the shipping fee and the customs checking, I think it is price reasonably. I have used this for my whole stay at the beach (3 days). I reapply every after 2-3 hours or after I swim. I consume at least 70% of it :) I would definitely buy this again once I go back to the beach :)

Have you found your favorite beach sunblock? You might want to try this :)