Monday, June 28, 2010

Movie time: Letters to Juliet

Time won't let me
Decide thoughts to myself
I'd just like to let you know
I wish I'd never let you go

I'm being a hopeless romantic right now. Listening to this romantic songs makes me really cheesy. I don't know why romantic stuffs make us girls smile and seem to help us relax. It's like there is that romantic element in us that we can't erase. I thinks its a gift that we need to treasure. This was my mood yesterday when I decided to watch Letters to Juliet by myself. I always thought of watching this with my girlfriends. However, there is that time when you just want to be by yourself. Aside from shopping and having a  make over what better way to spend by yourself is to watch a nice movie. I was supposed to watch Toy Story 3 but then I promised my sister that we will watch it together once she gets back from her vacation. 

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The story follows a letter written to Juliet asking some advices on love. The letter was written 50 years ago by an English woman name Claire (Vanessa Redgrave). Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) found it buried in a loose brick when she accidentally knocked it down while getting the letters left by women around the world hoping to hear advices with their love issues from Juliet. Sophie decided to write back hoping that the Claire will receive it after all she is entitled for a reply. Less than a week after she met Claire and her grandson, Charlie (Chris Egan). Together, the three decided to embark on a joruney to find Claire's true love and asked forgiveness on giving up on him. Then that faithful day came when Claire finally met her true love, Lorenzo Bartolini, again. Sophie decided to get back to Verona to her fiance after Claire finally found Lorenzo. There was nothing for her there then. Charlie who had already fallen in love to Sophie and after listening to his grandma's advice, decided to follow her to Verona and confessed but only to see Sophie in the arms of her fiance. But when Sophie got back to New York, she broke up with her fiance and return to Italy to attend the wedding of Claire and Lorenzo and hoping for her love story to have a happy ending too. She finally realized that she has fallen in love with Charlie then. But at the wedding a girl named Patricia was with Charlie and this made her think that she was the ex-gf that he was madly in love with.  Only to realize that it was his cousin and that he is in love with her. They both confessed on a balcony just like how Romeo confessed his love to Juliet.

Popcorn: 5/5 popcorns

When I think of Juliet, it reminds me of that love tragedy, Romeo and Juliet. I was thinking before that this may be another love tragedy but I was wrong. Its a simple love story with a simple meaning. It's simplicity make this film a heartwarming and great film. I really like it! I'm not a huge fan of Romeo and Juliet. What made me really like this movie is the story of Claire and Lorenzo. I cried when they saw each other after fifty years. It was true destiny! Love found a way for this match heaven couple to end up together at last. It was a bit cheesy when Lorenzo came riding in a horse. It reminds me of those childhood fairy tales where the prince will go to his love (the princess of course!) riding in a white horse. It was a bit odd for me seeing this old prince riding in a horse going to her also old princess (hehehe!). But then you'll forget that their old because the story was beautifully created that you appreciate the beauty of love and destiny :) I did like the ending on how Sophie and Charlie confessed their feelings at each other. It really did copy how Romeo confessed his feeling to Juliet. Overall, this is a wonderful movie that will wake the romantic side of you.

Are you in love? Or perhaps a hopeless romantic like me? hehehe! Love for all! mwah!