Monday, September 12, 2011

Nature Republic Eau de Shine Blossom Powder Pact SPF 25 PA++

Powder is essential for an oily babe. It helps reduce the oiliness of the skin plus gives that smooth, clean finish. It also provides a fresh look and feel.However, not all powders can do this. Finding the right one that you can call as HOLY GRAIL is not that easy. I had some powders which works wonders while some were a disappointment. How would I rate the Nature Republic Eau de Shine Powder?

Nature Republic Eau de Shine Blossom Powder Pact #21
- a long-lasting, oil-free matte powder foundation -

My say:
Performance: 2/5 stars
Pricing: 2/5 stars
Packaging: 3/5 stars

This is not the first powder I tried from this brand. Sad to say, both were a disappointment. No matte finish at all. This is a terrible powder. However, it didn't gave me any allergies plus it comes with an SPF 25 :) At least I got some sun protection. I think they have a new packaging for this. I'm not quite sure if this is still available since I can't find it in their site. But I'm not gonna buy this again.The packaging is cute but its hard to look for a back up puff for this since we don't have (yet) a Nature Republic store here. I bought this on sale for Php 575 at again my suki

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laneige couture said...

maybe this pwder is more for dry skinned girls like me =) read your blog

ayn said...

@laneige couture: true! thanks for dropping by :)