Tuesday, October 5, 2010

O Hui Clear Science Gentle Face Scrub

These past weeks my skin doesn't cooperate much with me. Tired and dull skin has been haunting me for awhile not until I met O Hui. O Hui is a Korean cosmetic brand under the LG DeBon. It is a premium cosmetic brand that promotes beauty of modern people by bringing together the principles of cosmos and nature and modern science and technology.

O HUI Clear Science Gentle Face Scrub acts in two ways to provide more effective care for the skin. It acts as a scrub for fine impurities on the skin's surface and inside pores and as a scrub to remove dead skin cells. The flavonoids from lily juice contained in the soft gel provide astringent and moisturizing effects for a low-irritation peel and help keep the skin radiant and translucent. (source)

My say:
Performance: 5/5 stars
Packaging: 4/5 stars
Pricing: 3/5 stars

I love this facial scrub! It really does help in scrubbing those unwanted dirt and dead skin. My skin feels so soft, smooth and refresh. I felt that it revealed a new me :) I got a sample of this but this comes in a plastic-tube type container. Since this brand is considered luxury, then I believe this is expensive. But I don't know how much it really costs since its hard to look for an online seller of this. Though I found one which is a US-based online shop and this is sold at $39. I'm still looking for an online seller that sells this on a reasonable price :) (goodluck to me finding that person!)