Saturday, March 27, 2010

60 minutes of your time...

It was just 60 minutes. Is it that long? Well it's equivalent to 1 hour so it is still that long (hehehe!). But can you give up 1 hour of your time to change something? Well I can if that would mean a huge difference in my life and to others. And that what happened an hour ago. A big difference that could change us all.

8:30pm-9:30pm was the International Earth Hour. This started in Sydney when 2.2 million  homes and businesses participated in turning off their lights to make a stand on Climate Change. This event lead to one huge stand by the entire world. One hour every year this happen. One hour to turn off our lights at home and take part on this wonderful event. This could help a lot in our environmental issue. For that time we had help some polar bears  to still live :) I hope this is just the beginning for a better world. I'm glad I took part of it. Even just for one hour I am able to help conserve energy and save our planet Earth :) A small difference that will become BIG in the future. Just like how Sydney did it. One city to one world :)

Did you guys turn off your lights? Hope you did and hope you'll do it also :)

Take care guys!



Iyah said...

Hmmm.. i never heard of this 60 minutes earth hour thing.. I would give up my 1 hour to change something here on earth =)