Thursday, January 7, 2010

Goodbye 2009 ... Hello 2010 ...

Time flies by so fast. The next thing you know, it's another year already (waahhh!). It's too bad that it moves so fast when we haven't yet finished enjoying the year before it :( There were a lot of good and bad memories I have in 2009. I'm happy I went through all of it because they help me change in a positive way :) I just would like to share the things that went through my life last year. I got this idea from my friend's blog, Romeo, and I like it.

  • January
    • I had my hair rebonded for the first time in my life :) 
    • It was also the first time that my hair was colored... I did like it but I still want my natural color :)
  • February
    • I turned TWENTY-FOUR! (mid-20s already?!?)
    • Received a great news: My friend Ana was pregnant with her second baby :)
    • My friend Jac moved in at the same apartment building I lived :)
  • March
    • Three of my siblings graduated that year :)
    • Joined the wagon of the BOF (Boys Over Flowers) fever!
    • Shot guns at the office :( (terrible!)
    • I had sore eyes :( the last time I got sore eyes when I was still in me 1st year high school! Woah! It was already that long!?!
    • Received a great news: My friend Jen's illness wasn't that serious :) Thank You Lord!
  • April
    • Mom had a successful operation to remove the cyst around her belly... Thank You Lord!
    • Fantastic vacation to my homeland, Zamboanga, after a year and a half :)
    • First time to venture on Skin Food products :)
  • May
    • Pacquiao beats Hatton in just two rounds! The most exciting boxing match I've watch so far :)
    • My other siblings invaded Manila :)
    • Chelsea end the football year as FA Cup Champions :)
  • June
    • My system (DPS) was finally test by the QA :)
    • Got my first ever Credit Card.. Thanks Allied :)
    • Got introduced to GFI Business but never took it to another level...
    • DPWH 111th Anniversary... just celebrated it with a BINGO game (lol!)
    • got promoted :)
    • join the bb cream team :)
  • July
    • I had my first ever presentation in the office... 
    • lots of training attended --- work related training
    • SMB Champions! :)
  • August
    • Former President and the Mother of Democracy Corazon Aquino died :(
    • Christening of my boss' first born :)
    • The Holy Month of Ramadhan started
    • Breaking news: Shumi to drive again!?! Did not push through due to neck injury :(
    • received two new systems to maintain: CAMS and ITAMS :(
    • created this blog :)
  • September
    • Tagaytay training... love the weather there :)
    • Bad news: Manila was submerged in flood due to Ondoy
    • Good news: Ana gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby girl named Gaddiel Grace
    • Saw how every Filipino stood up after the terrible event... Proud to be Pinoy!
    • Happy E'dil Fitri
  • October
    • Another typhoon was to hit the country... good thing it changed it's direction... Thank You Lord!
    • enjoyed the rides at Enchanted Kingdom :)
    • able to watch the Oscar winning documentary by Al Gore... Climate Change is killing us :(
    • wanted to register as Voter in Manila in the upcoming 2010 National Election... but failed to do so because there were too many people at the COMELEC... I don't think I could've survived the long queuing...
    • bought my first ever eyelash curler, Fanny Serrano Eyelash Curler... didn't like it! decided to give it to my sister...
    • had my first time foot spa ever!

  • November
    • My first time to watch a Pacqiuao match liveon a big screen :) very like it!
    • Happy E'dil Adhaa
    • I had my hair rebonded again :)

  • December
    • Xmas Party everywhere...
    • assigned to deal with the ADD Xmas performance :( don't like it all!
    • Cousin Hi-C visited us in Manila... miss her already!
    • Enjoyed the rides at Star City... 
    • My fist time at Star City's Snow World... freaking cold! had a blast at the iced-cold-slides :)
Looking back at the past, made me realized that there were a lot of things that happened to me on the year of the Ox. A lot of blessings came, challenges and trials that push me, events that mark not only in me but to others as well, a lot of first times. These help me grow to a better person and definitely there will be a lot more to anticipate in the year of the Tiger. I'm pretty sure the events that will come my way this year will make me even more better :) My learning doesn't stop there. It will go on and on and on. Every year has a new piece to learn, a new beginning to ponder, a new skill to discover and develop. I know God has installed an exciting year not only for me but for all of us :) God is good! (all the time!)

So how was year 2009 to you guys? Any expectation in 2010?

Take care guys :)


Anonymous said...

woah! i'm impressed.. you we're able to take note all of these... nice one ayn :-)

2009 was the year i got closer to your siblings.. i'm so happy that i met you... whenever i'm with you guys, i can feel that i'm not different.. you treat me as part of your family... i appreciate that so much... thanks thanks... :))

always thankful that God gave you to me,
-the friend you mentioned on the 3rd bullet for the month of Feb. hahaha :))

Laview! >:D<

ayn said...

^ hahaha! i have my starbucks' planner/journal to write... you're still real even though you're with us... no change at all! i like that ;)