Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Review: Skin79 Crystal Finish Pact

Powder pact is very essential in my make-up kit. It's my life-savior in fighting against my overactive sebaceous glands. I'm talking about my oily skin. Who does want to go out with their face shining so much that they look like they applied some oil on their face?!? Not me! Oily skin is a blessing yet a curse :( It's blessing for the mere fact that aging is slower but a curse for always doing some blotting to keep it less shiny. This how powder pact comes to the rescue. Instead of going through a lot of blotting, you can blot like once or twice a day. But then again it depends on the product you are using. Good thing I met, Skin79 Crystal Finish Pact.

photo taken at : www.baybeemax.com

This product creates attractive skin to shine like crystal by variegated color's beam reflection effect that glitters magnificently according to reflection of light. This product is called a powder compact to provide natural make up more perfectly. It contains sebum control powder which feel like veil on your face, and gives skin a natural , sheer look all day. It contains vitamin E derivative and allantion ingredients which make skin more moist and shining like being with water. (www.baybeemax.com)

My say:
Performance: 4/5 stars
Packaging: 5/5 stars
Price: 4/5 stars

This is my second venture on Korean brand powder pact. What made me decide to buy this is because it can help to control sebum. This is my main problem and I'm happy to say that this help in keeping my oily skin at bay. Though I wouldn't consider this as a fantastic pact but then again it's still able to do it's job. I would consider it as an above-average powder pact. II blot like twice a day (noon and afternoon before going home). I did not have any bad reaction on this product. No break out nor irritations :) I like the packaging of the product. I always want to have my puff in a separate container. Hygiene! The product looks sophisticated since it's made in metal case. It's small yet bulky. But I can managed it :) I bought this at around Php600. So I think the price was good since it's a good product also ;) Overall, I'm happy with it :) Though I'm not yet thinking of buying it again since I want to try other powder pact from other brands. But this will still be on my list for fave powder pacts.

Tomorrow will be the middle of the week. Time flies by so fast. Enjoy the rest of the day/week :)

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joy said...


Is the shade recommended for those with lighter complexion only?

I'm currently using SF Grape Pact in 23 and I'm currently deciding if I'll get this one or not since I'm not really sure of its shade.