Saturday, April 3, 2010

Review: Beauty Credit Lovely Powder Pact Moist

I'm very particular when it comes to products that can help diminish or perhaps lessen the oiliness in my face. Yes I do have an oily face, V-E-R-Y oily! I should be happy since they say that oily skin are slow-to-aged :) But then again who wants to flaunt their face shining and seems an egg is ready to be cooked on it?!? I don't want that! I want at least a matte face. That's what is in my mind when I met Beauty Credit Lovely Powder Pact.

I learned about their products during the BOF fever. Koo Hye Sun, the actress who played the role of Guem Jandi, is the endorser of this cosmetic brand. Since I have tried some Korean products and they were good, I giddily search on the internet about this. I saw this powder pact in it and it comes in two variants: Matt and Moist. Since I have oily skin, obviously I need the Matt one.

My say:
Performance: 1/5 stars
Packaging: 4/5 stars
Price: 4/5 stars

I was happy when this brand was introduced at the local Watsons. I always thought of buying this because it was really cheap compare to Skinfood (around Php 600). So me without thinking twice asked the SA to what powder pact suits me (eventhough I know what suits me well ). Before she gave me any recommendation she wanted me to try the product first before buying it. So I said yes and I had a free make over :) I was happy how the foundation and powder she used came out so I then bought the powder pact she used on me. I don't really used foundation so I didn't bought it. When I got at home I was so pissed at myself cause I got the wrong product. Well not exactly the product rather the variant. Instead of getting the Matt one I got the Moist one. So the next day I hurriedly went there and asked for an exchanged. Sadly, the Matt one was not yet available here. I felt sad but then if this is what she used on me on that day perhaps it will come out good on me. But sad to say this is totally not for oily skin. There is no way I'm using this. I end up giving this away :( I felt bad that I just wasted my money on something that wasn't fit for me in the first place. Though the packaging is cute and great but then again I wish it was the Matt one. 

I haven't gone to their counter/booth in Watsons since I'm using another brand which I like :) I don't know if it is already available now. I haven't really look at their other products. I might try their body products. Perhaps a body wash or scrub. I think I should drop by and see if their Matt one is already available.

Any product to try in this brand? Share!


Kierra said...

where did you get cosmetics from Beauty Credit?? You said Watsons? What branch????